Will I Learn Russian By Ears or By Eyes?

Find Your Strengths and Become A Master Of Russian!

In the beginning of this year I have decided to myself that by all means I should learn my strengths, study myself and understand how can I give more to the world from what I have. After several months of searching I understood, that one of my major strengths is Learner – someone who constantly learns and by nature understands how to learn faster and more effective. In this article I will tell how to find the unique strengths and how to use your strengths to learn Russian language faster.

There are several different ways to study, it doesn’t matter if you learn Russian Language or literature or history. Researchers divide at least 2 kinds of learners: audials and visuals.

Audials easily perceive the information through ears – they attentively listen, can remember intonations, jokes, histories and so on. Such people usually like to attend lectures and public readings, conferences and debate. Such people like to be in a circle of experts, to discuss with them interesting topics, listen to their mentors and other professionals.

The second type of learners – visuals. They study through eyes, that is, by means of reading, analyzing schemes and tables, work with the printing information or electronic books and so on. Visuals remember the information when read a lot. Schemes can appear at their memory as they saw them in book, some can even name exact page where they read something. Personally I am visual. Therefore I always was bored to sit at lectures, and I learned much faster by reading the same information by myself at home.

There is one more type of learning – those who studies through training of others. For example, you have learnt a few new words in Russian, one of which is КОТ (cat). So you go to your friend who is also learning Russian and say: “Hey, look, here is a cat! Do you know how it will be in Russian? КОТ! “ You teach your friend something you’ve just have learnt. Many experts consider such approach as one of the most effective.

Your goal is to understand how is it easier for you to study Russian by nature – and concentrate on this method. It will allow you to study 5-6 times faster and to spend much less efforts while learning Russian.

Actually, this approach based on strengths has been developed by Dr. Donald O. Clifton (1924-2003) the Father of Strengths Psychology. To try it you should find out you strengths and concentrate on them in your daily activity. The best instrument for that reason which I tested on myself is Clifton StrengthsFinder® test (StrengthsFinder 2.0), developed by Gallup®.  This test allows you to reveal your top 5 unique strengths given you by nature, developing which you can become the world’s class professional in this directions.

Needless to say, that When I have passed this test, just for 1 day have learnt about myself more than for years of introspection and inner search. So here are mine 5 strengths I use every day: 1) Futuristic 2) Focus 3) Learner 4) Input 5) Woo

I highly recommend to do Clifton StrengthsFinder® test for all who wishes to develop and grow and give to this world more from that that you have. To get an access to this test you need to buy a book StrengthsFinder 2.0 here: http://www.strengthsfinder.com/ 
There is an access code in it which you will use further in the test.

I’d like to know about your strengths, waiting for your comments!

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