Why do you need to learn a different language and how to do it effectively

Why do you need to learn a different language and how to do it effectively

Alzheimer’s disease? Not for me!

In my life there were a few bright moments associated with the ability to speak a foreign language.

My first trip abroad was to India – in Goa, where I met two Hindus on the beach, who owned a small restaurant. I was the only one who spoke English among the Russian in our group. A week after coming to Goa, we’ve became best friends with Vinod and Kumar – we cooked food in a restaurant together, handed out flyers for parties, lit bonfires on the beach at night. I completely “immersed” in India, a and felt like a “native”. My Russian friends were shocked and asked to acquaint them with Vinod and Kumar too.

I was extremely happy!

After that I’ve decided to learn languages and dedicate a large part of my time teaching and learning language.

The advantages of bilingualism

Ability to speak in different languages gives an access to new cultures and people from different countries, bring new bright emotions.

Besides it is scientifically proven that constant language learning has a lot of other positive effects on your brain activity:

  • increase concentration
  • strengthen your memory
  • rise the ability to tune out distractions
  • boost total brainpower
  • delay Alzheimer’s disease
  • reduce cognitive biases and so on

In addition, learning a foreign language gives you a lot of social benefits. You will feel comfortable in a foreign country – you can find out how to get to the right place, buy food, find a hotel, communicate with native people. You can create business connections and make money to pursue your dreams and aspirations.

Also, learning one language makes it easier for you to learn another. You’ve learned Spanish in, let’s say, two years, than you will be able to learn German in one year, than learn Russian in half a year and so on. You are able to gradually develop your own learning system that works better for you.

How to learn a new language in a right way?

Many people consider learning the language a very difficult task. This is the main reason why people quit their studies in a week / month or permanently delaying training.

According to the experience of many polyglots, classical “school” method of learning a foreign language is not the most effective.

Read a boring textbook with thousands of grammar rules, memorizing individual words, dialogues – it’s all outdated and inefficient methods of learning a language.

In my personal experience, the most effective method of language learning without linguistic immersion with native speakers includes the following activities:

  • listening of a simple speech of native speakers. What’s important – the topic must be interesting for you, so that you will want to know more about this topic. This activity should be repeated constantly – every day for at least half an hour. Perfectly – to listen to one lesson / story for at least 1 week every day, then proceed to another.
  • reading simple material from the words that you already know. It can be children stories, fairy tales, novels for kids and the like. Perfectly – if you do not need a dictionary. Even if you do not know only one word of text on the page – you can guess its meaning and subconsciously remember this word. So you expand your vocabulary much faster than the dull memorization of certain words.

Merely these activities can help you improve the efficiency of language learning in 6-7 times. At the same time you will always be motivated – because you listen and read about the topics that are interesting to you.

To test this system it’s perfect to use an iLearnRussian app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices that we have developed specifically for beginners.

It includes 27 lessons with the most effective method of learning Russian language, based on repetitive listening of easy natural Russian speech (220 MB), reading simple text with 800 most common words of Russian language (27 Lesson sets with 3 text in each) and natural comprehension of the new vocabulary. This innovative method is proven by hundreds thousands of successful learners worldwide.

You can get it here and enjoy the best method of learning Russian language!

Download iLearnRussian™ App for iOS and Android on your device:

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