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  1. Thank you for the great site. I have been “dabbling” in learning Russian but only a little for many years. Recently I decided to get serious with it. I learned the Cyrillic/Russian alphabet in under a week and am already reading and pronouncing Russian words; including long ones. I have found that it is MUCH easier to learn Russian when I can read it in it’s native language rather than trying to learn it using English letters (called romanization.) The reason for this is the Russian language uses *far* less phonics and far less combinations of vowels to change the sound of the vowels in accordance to the word. 99% of Russian words are pronounced exactly as they are spelled. Once one learns how to read using the Russian alphabet the rest comes much easier. It is my recommendation that anyone wanting to learn to read and speak Russian to learn not only the letters of the alphabet, but how to properly use them first. There are only a few slight changes/variations such as certain letters have a slightly different pronounciation when at the very end of word; which is important to know. -By me learning to read in the Russian native alphabet I am learn 3x faster!

  2. Oleg, I like the concept of your site but why is so much of it in English? If we’re going to learn Russian then it seems more logical to have more of it in the Russian language. Any chance of that?

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