Useful Travel Tips in Russia

Useful Travel Tips in Russia

Russian Travel Tips You Need to Know First!

If you are going to visit Russia – I respect you very much! It means you are life-loving  interested brave adventurer..  and little bit crazy 🙂 So, you are the type of person I like most of all! Here are some tips for you that, in my opinion, seem obvious and highly necessary to keep in mind when you want to visit Russia:

1)      Get warm cloths

As our famous poet Alexander Pushkin wrote: “Our short summer is a caricature of the southern winters”.  So if you come to Russia not in July-August, you should take some warm clothes with yourself anyway. Even in July and August there can be some cold days because the weather is highly unpredictable.

There was a funny story about this: one of my friends lives at the same building with a Head of Russian Hydro-Meteorological Centre (it is the main State Organization of forecasting weather). So one morning my friend was near the entering of his house, out of which that woman came. She went out and open her umbrella with strong confidence there should be rain. The joke is that of course there was a sunny morning!

2)      Take a lot of “hangover-fighter” medicine

There are a few features of “Russian” relation to foreigners. First, we always want to drink with our new friends. I don’t know why it happens, perhaps we want to make as much impression as possible, or maybe it’s just another great occasion to celebrate our life! Anyway, if you take with yourself some medicines against hangover – it can be highly useful. And learn the phrase: Мне хватит – Mne hvAtit – It’s enough for me 🙂

3)      Learn some useful phrases

Truism is not yet the main priority for our government, so all indicators and tables in Russia are on Russian (without translation in English). Of course, if you learn Russian language with ©RussianEasy Audio-Lingual Lessons For Beginners, you will be able to ask anyone how to go somewhere or anything you want  In any case, the main phrases will be helpful for you. You can find some of them here: The Most Common Phrases of Speaking Russian Language

4)       Get somebody as a guide

The best way to discover Russia is surely to have a guide, preferably if you live at his/her home. This way you won’t spend time on searching where to go and asking right direction, because Russians are mostly very hospitable and will organize your entertainment with passion. Also you can feel the “real” atmosphere of Russian life.

5)       Be ready to be excited

Russia is the country of contrasts. You will see a lot of different styles of life and something you cannot see anywhere. You’ll be able to connect with a very interesting and joyful people with wide soul and great kindness. You will see many exciting things and without doubt will be satisfied and happy visiting Russia!


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