A Quick Way To Understand Russian Alphabet

A Quick Way To Understand Russian Alphabet

A Little-Known Secret For Learning Russian Azbuka

Russian Alphabet (or Азбука – Azbuka) was created at 863 by two Greek brothers Cyril and Methodius. Therefore there are some similarities at Greek and Russian alphabet. Originally it contained 43 letters, some of that were using for describing numbers. After several reforms Russian alphabet has changed and now it contains 33 letters. Some of this letters – for example, Щ, Ы – are quite difficult to pronounce, but you will be able to do it after several repetitions.

A quick way to understand and remember Russian alphabet is to associate every letter with the word in English with the same sound inside. Here is a Russian alphabet with an examples of such English words (sounds are marked bold).

А – like Burby, castle

Б – like beverage

В – like vendor

Г – like Gendalf

Д – like Denver

Е – like yeah

Ё – like York

Ж – like leisure

З – like zombie

И – like India

Й – like oyster

К – like cat

Л – like like J

М – like mother
Н – like Navy

О – like gold

П – like pound

Р – like republic (but harder, with rolling)

С – like smell
Т – like tense

У – like mood

Ф – like finger

Х – like ch – Loch Ness

Ц – like ts – it’s

Ч – like Chester

Ш – like should

Щ – like shit

Ъ  this letter makes all previous sounds firm

Ы – no English equivalent, it’s like an И sound but

Ь  this letter makes all previous sounds soft

Э – like Madison, Neville

Ю – like Utah

Я – like Yankee

You can download Russian Alphabet with images as PDF file and print it to be able to learn easier. Also I’ve made a Podcast Episode 2: Russian Alphabet Pronunciation, you can download an audio with a pronunciation of cyrilic letters.

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Oleg Vinzhegin

Director of Russian Language Learning Club

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