The Peterhof – Palace Surrounded by Fountains

The Peterhof – Palace Surrounded by Fountains

The Palace Where Russian Imperators Lived

There are a lot of beautiful places in Russia. I’d like to tell about all of them, but I think it would take a lot of time 🙂 So I’ve chosen the most famous ones, and will try to show you around at this articles.

My first story will be about a wonderful place near to Saint-Petersburg – the capital of foreign tourism in Russia. This place is called Peterhof – the palace and park complex surrounded by wonderful fountains on the southern shore of the Baltic Gulf, 30 km from Saint-Petersburg.

Peterhof is translated as “the court of Peter.” Before the Soviet Revolution, it served as the imperial residence of Peterhof. In 1918, the palaces were turned into museums. During the Second World War, Peterhof was occupied by German troops, and was almost completely destroyed by Soviet artillery. After the war began the restoration of Peterhof, which continues to this day.

At the Center of the ensemble is the Grand Palace, built on the seaside terrace overlooking the sea. The first palace was built in the style of “Baroque” in the years 1714-1725. An important part of the ensemble – parks with fountains: Upper Park (on the south side) with five fountains and Lower Park, which is the world’s largest complex of fountains. The area of ​​the bottom of the park – more than 100 hectares. The fountains are fed from the water keys in the area of ​​the river Ropsha.

Decorative foot of the palace is a large grotto with its framing stages (Large Cascade). Large Cascade goes down to the pool and the sea. In the center of the pool – a fountain with a sculpture of “Samson tearing the lion’s mouth” (1802, sculptor M. Kozlovsky) (20 m height). Near to it there are 2 large fountains (Italian and French), fountains, and colonnades, in the eastern part of the park – ” Chess Mountain “and two Roman fountains in the west – a cascade of “Gold Mountain”. From the Grand Palace to the Gulf of Finland leads the Maritime Canal. In 2007, along the Sea Canal was carved alley with blue spruce.


Great Peterhof Palace is the main building of the Peterhof palace and park ensemble. Originally it was quite small, but then was rebuilt by Queen Elizabeth using the model of Versailles in France. At Peterhof annually celebrated two events: the opening celebration of fountains and closure celebration. Test run is carried out on May 9, the day the entrance to the park is free.

If you will be in St.Petersburg, you must visit Peterhof as one of the most beautiful and wealthy places in Russia! Wish you be there in summer – the best time for the North of Russia 🙂

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