Consistency is the key to success in learning Russian language

Consistency is the key to success in learning Russian language

Have you ever thought about what is the key to success in learning Russian? Maybe school? Maybe textbooks? Or natural ability? I think every mentioned element is very important, but at my point of view the main key to success in learning Russian is a consistency in the method you are using.

It seems the same at every activity – whether you are doing some project or learning how to play the piano – you need to be consistent and do something on a daily basis to achieve your goal.

One small action, 30 minutes a day, simultaneously with what you usually do – will be enough to achieve perceptible results. Even if you just thinking about what you do and creating ideas – it will help to get essential results faster.

So, what about learning Russian?

I usually search sites in internet in order to find complete systems which enable you to learn Russian with one understandable and clear method. Most sites allow you to listen something online – usual phrases, dialogs, words and so on. Some sites give information about grammar, tenses and so on. But I believe it’s quite hard either for beginner or for intermediate learners to collect all this mess of information and make the system for them to learn consistently.

So we designed a RussiaEasy System© to give anybody who learn Russian an opportunity to have a proved method of learning which they can use systematically and consistently to improve their speaking Russian.

Moreover, RussianEasy System© is easy and based on natural approach for learning languages. So you can make no efforts – just listen and answer questions – and you will soon see the results! The method will work for you!

I proved this idea on myself when was learning English – I took the same lessons in English and listened it every day for a half an hour or more when it was possible. After a few weeks I felt that I’m thinking in English! It was so great that motivated me to learn with more passion and enthusiasm, because it worked! Now I can understand any conversation in English and speak perfectly.

Just try our method, use it on a consistent basis – and you will be excited with the results!

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With all my faith and love,

Oleg Vinzhegin,

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