Learn These Slang Expressions and Excite Your Russian Friends!

Learn These Slang Expressions and Excite Your Russian Friends!

Russian slang is a very interesting topic. Every 5-10 years list of popular slang words changes. If you look for example on slang words at the beginning of 2000s – now these words seem obsolete.

In this article, we will show some of the most popular Russian slang expressions that you can use now and it will be actual.

1.Кадр – kAdr – an extraordinary person. We say – ну он кадр! – when we see that person does something unusual or funny

2.Параллельно – parallEl’no – without a difference, anyway, it does not matter. We say – мне параллельно = I don’t care.

3.Няшно – nYAshno – cute, good, nice, beautiful. When you see a nice kitten or new pink jacket of your girlfriend.

4.Угарный – ugArniy – extremely funny. We say – ты угарный = you are very funny.

5.Замутить – zamutIt’ – to organize a party, start a relationship.

6.Космос – kOsmos – the term of approval, admiration; satisfaction than anything anyone. We say  – это было космос = that was fantastic!

7.Пичалька – pichAlka – resentment or frustration. We say that when something sad happened.

8.Баян – baYAn – repeated story. We say – а, это баян – oh, we heard that 100 times!!

9.Агонь – agOn’ – the most popular word now. It means very cool, extremely successfully.

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