The Best Russian Movies that You Can Watch Online

Top Chart of Russian Movies You Need To Watch

Thought Russian cinema is not so popular as Hollywood, there are a lot of beautiful Russian movies you need to watch. I searched in internet for charts where experts and community vote for movies they like and compared these lists of the best Russian movies with my own impression. Finally, I’ve decided to pick two charts – first is new Russian movies (released during last two decades) and second is legendary Russian movies (made mostly at USSR tree or more decades ago).

New Russian movies

There are a lot of great Russian movies, released not so far ago – and most of them show some parts of Russian national personality – that’s why they touch our souls and we like it. Here is the list of first 10 with the links to watch online.

  1. «Остров (2006)» (Ostrov, 2006)
  2. «12 (2007)»
  3. «Брат (1997)» (Brat, 1997)
  4. «Сибирский цирюльник, 1998» (Sibirsky Tsirulnik, 1998)
  5. «Брат 2, 2000» (Brat 2, 2000)
  6. «Питер FM, 2006» (Piter FM, 2006)
  7. «О чем говорят мужчины, 2010» (O chem govoryat mujchini, 2010)
  8. «Особенности национальной охоты, 1995» (Osobennosti natsionalnoy ohoti, 1995)
  9. «В августе 44-го, 2001» (V avguste 44, 2001)
  10. «Турецкий гамбит, 2005» (Turetskiy Gambit, 2005)

You can also download this movies if you want in better quality at the same site I’ve mentioned.

Legendary Soviet Movies

  1. А ЗОРИ ЗДЕСЬ ТИХИЕ… (Станислав Ростоцкий, 1972) (A zori zdes tihie, 1972)
  2. АЛЕКСАНДР НЕВСКИЙ (Сергей Эйзенштейн и Дмитрий Васильев, 1938) (Aleksandr Nevsky, 1938)
  3. АНДРЕЙ РУБЛЁВ (Андрей Тарковский, 1966) (Andrey Rublev, 1966)
  4. АССА (Сергей Соловьёв, 1988) (Assa, 1988)
  5. АФОНЯ (Георгий Данелия, 1975) (Afonya, 1975)
  6. БАЛЛАДА О СОЛДАТЕ (Григорий Чухрай, 1959) (Ballada o Soldate, 1959)
  7. БАРАБАНИАДА (Сергей Овчаров, 1993) (Barabaniada, 1993)
  8. БЕГ (Александр Алов и Владимир Наумов, 1970) (Beg, 1970)
  9. БЕЛОЕ СОЛНЦЕ ПУСТЫНИ (Владимир Мотыль, 1969) (Beloe solntce pustini, 1969)
  10. БЕЛОРУССКИЙ ВОКЗАЛ (Андрей Смирнов, 1970) (Belorussky Vokzal, 1970)

All this legendary Russian movies got a lot of famous prizes like Oskar and Cannes Lions. All of them shows deep emotions of Russian people, complicated relationships, strong friendship or passionate love. Watch this movies and you will want to learn Russian culture better because we have a lot of beauty and wisdom.

If you need a DVD of this Russian movies, you can comment to this post, I’ll tell you where to get it.

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