Choose One Of the 6 Possible Systems To Learn Russian!

Choose One Of the 6 Possible Systems To Learn Russian!

Pros and Cons of Different Russian Language Learning Methods

When you only start to study Russian language, you probably can not know what to start with and what learning system to choose for yourself. In this article I describe some possible systems which I tried for studying English language with my estimation and comments.

1. Self-training using free sites

Self-training is very difficult activity, especially when you learn languages. You will need to systematize a great volume of the incoherent information, build your own learning plan and follow it step-by-step. I tried to do completely self-traning, however, despite of mine passion for learning, focus and ability to systematize, such approach yielded weak results. A lot of time was spent on preparation, searching of  information and the process organization everything. Finally, I was overloaded of tons of information and unsystematic knowledge which did not give an ability to communicate in language.


2. Online courses, training using Skype, the online tutor

I wrote my point of view about online tutors at the article Why Skype Why “Skype Tutors” Method In Russian Language Doesn’t Work?! In brief, this approach works very poorly because most tutors also have no accurate system of learning. This approach have some limitations: possible bad connection quality, conversation breakages, difference in time zones and so on. Besides, all of us usually very busy people (work, a family, study and so on). Therefore personally for me (and I guess for most of active people) it is quite hard to allocate extra time for online training or dialogue with native speakers by Skype.

My Opinion: IT WORKS but results are weak and a lot of limitations

3. Training in groups

Training Russian language in groups is excellent practice. If you have a good teacher who will select an interesting material, learn you by a certain powerful technique, empower you, to motivate you – result can be excellent. One more advantage is group work. Your group can consist of cool guys and girls who will rise your interest to Russian language and fuel your motivation.

Lack: you can not find groups of studying Russian language everywhere; it is necessary to allocate certain time attend gatherings; the group can have a bad teacher or members as well.

My Opinion: IT WORKS but there are a lot of limitations

4. Training with the personal teacher

Training with the personal teacher is, of course, very effective method. The personal teacher will watch speed of your training, understand your abilities and to choose a method according to your level. You can choose the time that fits you, have possibility to ask any questions in the course of training too. BUT! This approach has one big limitation – it’s very difficult to find the individual professional teacher of Russian language.

My Opinion: IT WORKS, but it is difficult to find

5. Systems mp3-pdf Russian lessons

My own experience shows, that the most convenient and effective method of training are mp3 lessons with original Russian speech. Such lessons give the following advantages:

1)  you choose the time for study – For example, I studied in English everywhere, especially where usually I do nothing – at the plane, at traffic jam, while cooking food. I simply stick ear-phones in ears, listen and repeat.

2) you are not attached to the computer – can study wherever you want, only take a player with yourself

3) you study according to your speed – you choose how long to learn this lesson or switch to another.

4) Excellent for the future studying – when you will be able to understand well simple lessons, you can start to listen to the news, watch movies in Russian, to listen to radio and podcasts. It is very good prospect to support and develop your knowledge of Russian.


6. Exchange programs, residing in the country

Language practices in the country which language you learn are the most powerful technique. With immersing into the language environment you can learn language for 1 year or less. It’s very cool. However, just a few people have the ability to allocate 1 year of a life to learn language and to live in other country. If you will be able to come to Russia and live here – congratulations, you are lucky! Come to Russia, welcome! J

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