Why “Skype Tutors” Method In Russian Language Doesn’t Work?!

Why “Skype Tutors” Method In Russian Language Doesn’t Work?!

5 Ways To Find A Russian Language Partner In Net

When you start to learn any language, you probably will want to talk to the native speaker or someone who learns this language too. It’s quite difficult to find the professional tutor in a place where you live, especially if the language you learn is Russian. I personally have tried many ways to contact people to learn language and in this article I will share my experience with pro’s and con’s.

  1. Professional tutors by Skype – DOESN’T WORK!

You can find the tutor who will communicate with you by Skype for certain money per hour. Usually a lot of people offer this service services by Skype. However often it is housewives or old people, who is simply bored to sit at home and they search for a way to entertain them and earn extra money. Naturally, such people do not have necessary knowledge and system of training which can really help you with learning Russian. You will only lose money, with no result. One more lack of such approach – a possible bad connection quality, conversation breakages, difference in time zones and so on.

  1. Just friends in Skype – DOESN’T WORK!
You can also simply talk by Skype with friends, who you have met somewhere. I tried this way a lot. For example, I wished to learn Arabian and I had a girl friend from Bahrain (native speaker). We usually began to talk like: how will be «I eat an orange» in an Arabian and so on. Then we gradually jumped to  more interesting topics and spoke English, having forgotten about I wished to learn the Arabian. Therefore, such approach does not work for studying a new language.
  1. Correspondence by email, in facebook, twitter etc. – TEMPORARY EFFECT!

You can find a «panpal» by email or in social networks in language which you are learning. I had many such panpals. The first lack of this approach is absence of system and unilateral dialogue. You will sit and translate from the native language to that you learn, and then translate back the answer. The first month-two it will be interesting to you, but then you will bore, I guarantee. The effect from this method the temporary.

  1. Friends in specialized networks for language studying – BETTER BUT INCONVENIENT

You can create an account in large social networks for language learners and find friends there. As well as you they will learn language and you can find contact on this basis. The best networks which I used, is:

www.italki.com – The huge portal uniting bunch of people, studying different languages. In italki there is a convenient interface, like facebook, fast search – you can find the partner and plan a lesson very easily, you can write in a notebook and people will check your errors. Also there it is possible to download training materials which are spread by other users.

www.livemocha.com – One more big portal for those who learns languages, it is possible to register in courses, choose the tutor (but I already wrote about it above)

  1. Audio lessons with original speech

So what is the most effective and convenient way to build an interaction in the language you’re learning? The best way for me is audio lessons with the original speech, with simple and interesting material. What are the advantages of this method:

  • it’s a learning system – good lessons conduct you step by step using conceived plan which gives the best effect
  • YOU choose the speed of learning – if you not understand a lesson perfectly, you can repeat it as much as you wish. If you learn quickly – you can pass to the following lesson easiy.
  • YOU choose the time to study – it’s possible to listen an audio lessons anywhere: in a traffic jam, in public transport, in turn at supermarket, in a sports gym etc.
  • YOU can study anywhere – it is possible to take your mp3 a player with you in journey, business trip or picnic.

Therefore I highly recommend the lessons created at Russian Language Learning Club:

– Reading Lessons For Beginners – 27 very good lessons with interesting texts and the audio translated into English, for those who only starts to learn Russian

– RussianEasy Speaking Lessons – for those who wishes to become fluent in Russian, lessons with very strong technique listen-and-answer mini-stories, the efficiency of which is confirmed by thousands of successful learners

So, do you agree or disagree? Share your own experience with us, waiting for your comments!

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