Russian Song With English Subtitles (Vot Pulya Prosvistela)

Russian Song With English Subtitles (Vot Pulya Prosvistela)

Cossack’s Song With a Strong Russian Spirit

Here is one more video with Russian transcription and English subtitles of the song “Vot pulya prosvistela” (“Here’s a bullet whizzed”). I love to sing this song, because it has strong “Russian” emotions. It is, as far as I know, originally from Cossacks –  a group of predominantly East Slavic people who originally were members of democratic, semi-military communities in Ukraine and Southern Russia. Ataman in this song – is a leader of Cossacks.

As always, you can watch a video with me playing this song and see a translation of Russian transcription in English. To have an effect from this video you should listen to the song, read and understand the meaning of the words. Use this video to develop your Russian vocabulary and pronunciation. Listen and watch it several times per day during at least 2 weeks – and you’ll remember all the words in this song.

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Вот пуля просвистела”

Вот пуля просвистела, в грудь попала мне

Here’s a bullet whizzed, hit me in the chest

Спасся я в степи на лихом коне.

I survived in the steppe on a spirited horse.

Но шашкою меня комиссар достал

But Commissioner has hit me by the sabre

Покачнулся я, да и с коня упал.

I’ve staggered, and fallen from the horse.

Эй, ой да конь мой вороной!

Hey, oh and my crow horse!

Эй, ой да обрез стальной!

Hey, oh and steel gun!

Эй, да ты густой туман!

Hey, and you’re a thick fog!

Эй, ой да батька атаман, да батька атаман!

Hey, oh and daddy Ataman, and daddy Ataman!

На одной ноге я пришел с войны,

On one leg I came back from the war,

Привязал коня, сел я у жены.

Tied the horse, I sat with my wife.

Но часу не прошло – комиссар пришел,

But in less than an hour the Commissioner has come

Отвязал коня да и жену увел.

Untied the horse and has stolen my wife.

Спаса со стены под рубаху снял,

I took an icon from the wall and put it under the shirt

Хату подпалил, да обрез достал.

Set fire to the house and got a gun.

При Советах жить – торговать свой крест!

To live under the Soviet Union is to sell your cross
Сколько нас таких уходило в лес.

How many of us these like went into the woods.

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