Russian Song With English Subtitles (Polovinka, Tantsi Minus)

Russian Song With English Subtitles (Polovinka, Tantsi Minus)

Romantic Russian Song

Here is one more video with Russian transcription and English subtitles of the song “Polovinka” wich is translated as “A Half”. It is very romantic song about love, I like it very much. The author of this song is Vyacheslav Petkun – the leader of very famous Russian band “Tantsi Minus” (“Dances Minus”).

As always, you can watch a video with me playing this song and see a translation of Russian transcription in English. To have an effect from this video you should listen to the song, read and understand the meaning of the words. Use this video to develop your Russian vocabulary and pronunciation. Listen and watch it several times per day during at least 2 weeks – and you’ll remember all the words in this song.

Click here to watch the video:

Lyrics with translation:

У ночного огня под огромной луной

At night near the bonfire under the moon

Темный лес укрывал нас зеленой листвой

A dark forest harbored us with green foliage

Я тебя целовал у ночного огня

I kissed you near the night fire

Я тебе подарил половинку себя

I gave you half of myself

Свет далекой звезды, песни птиц до утра

Light of a distant star, song of birds till the morning

Ты смотрела в глаза мои шептала слова

You looked into my eyes, whispered the words

Ты не верила мне но любила меня

You didn’t believe me but loved me

Я оставил с тобой половинку себя

I left with you a half of myself

То, что было – забыто, то, что было – прошло

What has been – forgotten, what has been – left,

Ты махала мне в след бирюзовым платком

You waved to me by a turquoise scarf

Я тебя целовал у ночного огня

I kissed you near the night fire

Ты оставила мне половинку меня

You left me a half of myself

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