Russian Song With English Subtitles (“Ne So Mnoy” Chaif)

Russian Song With English Subtitles (“Ne So Mnoy” Chaif)

Beautiful Russian Song About Lost Love

Here is one more video with Russian transcription and English subtitles of the song Ne So Mnoy” (“Not With Me”). The lyrics of this song is quite sad, but it has light emotions, I love this song very much. The authors of this song are great Russian musicians from the band “Chaif”, they became famous at 90’s and still a lot of Russians loves them.

As always, you can watch a video with me playing this song and see a translation of Russian transcription in English. To have an effect from this video you should listen to the song, read and understand the meaning of the words. Use this video to develop your Russian vocabulary and pronunciation. Listen and watch it several times per day during at least 2 weeks – and you’ll remember all the words in this song.

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Не со мной (Ne So Mnoy) 


Собираю марки от чужих конвертов.

I collect stamps from the envelopes of others.

Отпускаю мысли так легко по ветру.

Let go of thoughts so easily in the wind.

Улетает время тяжелей, но дольше.

Time flies harder, but longer.

Я тебя не встречу, не увижу больше.

I won’t meet you, I won’t see anymore.

Не со мной ты

You are not with me

Не могу привыкнуть к глупости и фальши.

I can not get used to the stupidity and hypocrisy.

Ты была так близко, а теперь все дальше.

You were so close, but now so far.

Ты вчера ходила на «Агату Кристи».

Yesterday you went to “Agatha Christie”.

Я пинал по скверу золотые листья.

I kicked gold leaves on the square.

Не со мной ты

You are not with me

Разливал в стаканы я Кинзмараули,

I poured into the glasses “Kinzmarauli” (vine),

А чужие руки резали сулугуни.

A hands of strangers cut “Suluguni” (cheese).

Пела она песни плохие да фальшиво,

She sang the songs so badly and out of tune,

В голове стучалось: «Без тебя паршиво».

I my head was knocking: “It’s nasty without you”
Не со мной ты

You are not with me

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