Russian Language Speaking Lessons

Russian Language Speaking Lessons

Who Else Wants To Sound Like Russians?

You Were Looking the Tool How To Learn Russian In An Easy And Fast Way? Here You Can Find Powerful Lessons That Will Allow You To Improve Your Speaking Russian!

You want to speak Russian phrases and understand Russians? You don’t know how to start to learn Russian? You want to learn, but it seem difficult to you? There is no Russian school where you’re living?  You can’t find effective system to learn Russian? It’s NOT your fault!

Most Russian schools and online courses teach you how to analyze the language, not to acquire it naturally. They use old methods with boring texts and phrases, forcing you to memorize what you don’t want to. With our RussianEasy System© you will see the results of your learning very fast! The process of learning is easy, so you’ll be motivated all the time! You will feel more relaxed, happy and joyful, acquiring Russian language effortlessly and naturally as a child!

How RussianEasy System© will improve your Russian?

Remember your school days, how the learning process was organized?

Traditional method of learning force you to:

  1. Memorize rules
  2. Focus on grammar
  3. Learn vocabulary
  4. Read and translate boring materials
  5. Other analytical and tuff actions

You don’t want to learn Russian like that, because you will soon lose the motivation.

To tell the truth, traditional method of learning languages is highly ineffective. If you bore your brain with rules, you will learn slowly.  If you try to analyze the language, you will learn slowly. If you try to memorize vocabulary, you will learn slowly. If you study textbooks and take tests, you will learn slowly.

Now imagine you have a new effective method of learning! World’s top researchers in learning languages found that natural way of learning follows through 3 steps:

  • STEP 1. START TO SPEAK (by listening a lot and repeat the same for a long time)
  • STEP 2. START TO READ (by reading easy, understandable and interesting material)

That means you should first focus on oral Russian before you worry too much about written Russian. So master spoken Russian first.   It’s fine to read too, but most of your time and energy should be focused on listening to authentic Russian speech.  That is the most powerful and efficient way to learn.

Now you may ask: how can I understand what is saying if I don’t know grammar rules? The answer is: through repetition! Our brain is organized so well that after several repetitions of the same speech it understands the grammar AUTOMATICALLY. You shouldn’t believe it, just try – and you will see how it works!

RussianEasy System© is based on natural method of learning Russian language, invented by world’s top language acquisition experts like Stephen D. Krashen, James Asher, J. Marvin Brown, AJ Hoge, Ashley Hastings and others. This method is proven by hundreds thousands of learners worldwide. The system is based on repetitive listening of easy authentic Russian speech, and provide 10 lesson sets each with 4 audio files with Russian-English transcription.

Russian Language Speaking Lessons

RussianEasy System© is new and completely different of any method of learning you can find in internet. It enables you to:

  • Learn Naturally and Instantly Like a Child
  • Never Study Grammar Rules Again
  • Learn With Your Ears, Not With Your Eyes
  • Master Grammar With Easy Stories
  • Learn Actively By Answering Easy Questions
  • Emotional Lessons That Are Easy To Remember

Download RussianEasy System© Lessons in the form of App for iOS and Android on your device:

What You Get With Your Purchase

Every Set of RussianEasy Audio Lessons Contains:

  • Audio Article

Do you want to know something interesting while learning Russian? Our articles are on the super interesting topics: psychology, success, lifestyle, high-tech and so on. It will make you enthusiastic and passionate learner.

  • Vocabulary Lesson

It’s a proven fact that listening vocabulary is 2-3 times more effective than reading. All difficult words ARE TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH! You will remember the meaning of new words easily and use it intuitively in speech.

  • Listen and Answer Mini-story

The most powerful lesson is a Listen and Answer Mini-story Lesson. It contains new words from vocabulary lesson. There are questions for these new words you need to answer during the lesson. This way you’ll remember them automatically, it’s proven by hundreds of learners. Ready to have fun? Mini-stories are fun and crazy!

  • Comments in original Russian speech

Imagine you are in Russia now… and we are talking to you. Enjoy it now listening to funny comments to the lessons!

  • ALL Lessons transcribed in PDF with IMAGES 

All lessons are transcribed and put in PDF format. If you don’t understand something – read it! Images will help you to remember the words and make the process of learning easier!

How does it work?

  1. There is a Complete Guide “How to Use RussianEasy System©” inside the lessons pack. There you can find step-by-step guidance how to get the best results using this method.
  2. After downloading the Lessons you bought, you play lessons on your computer, iPod, or any other device 
  3. You can use the PDF transcription if necessary.

You can learn Russian easily everywhere you want: on the bus or train, in the car, while you cook, while you walk, while you shop…You don’t need to spend too much time for studying.

Download RussianEasy System© Lessons in the form of App for iOS and Android on your device:

Advantages of Audio RussianEasy Lessons

  1. Learn vocabulary with your ears
  2. Understand and speak Russian faster
  3. No more boring grammar rules
  4. Lessons for intelligent adults
  5. Portable and handy
  6. Fun easy and interesting
  7. Download in an instant
  8. Take them wherever you go
  9. Completely new and different way to learn Russian
  10. Bonus: e-book The Key To Excellent Russian Speaking

 How will you get them?

Download RussianEasy System© Lessons in the form of App for iOS and Android on your device:

Compare and make the right choice!

Average tutor fee in skype or other system is 10-50$ PER HOUR – and results won’t come fast.

With RussianEasy System you can buy YOUR OWN TUTOR, ready to teach you any time you want!

Download RussianEasy System© Lessons in the form of App for iOS and Android on your device:

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