Russian Language Learning Club: Goals, Values and Members

International Russian Language Learning Club

The Most Popular Global Community of learners of Russian Language

Creating Russian Language Learning Club I aimed to reach several goals:

1) to build a community of the interesting, positively thinking people, studying Russian language and interested in Russia;

2) to create a powerful tools (lessons, texts, articles, podcasts, etc.), allowing to learn Russian easier and faster, more effortless, and to share it with the members of the Club;

3) to give an ability to members of the club to communicate and exchange experience with each other and with me on the general convenient platform in the Internet;

4) to deepen the knowledge about Russia, Russian people and effective ways of studying of Russian and to share this knowledge with members of the Club.

Whom do I wish to see in club? The ideal image of a member of Russian Language Learning Club which is better corresponds to the goals and values of the Club:

– benevolent and optimistical person;

– interested in Russia, Russian people and Russian language very much;

– learns Russian actively and ready to allocate at least hour per day for learning;

– ready to share the experience with other members of the Club;

– international, with equal kindness concerning any race, sex and age.

Values of the Russian Language Learning Club – passionate studying of Russian, activity, goodwill and optimism.

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