Russian Holiday – National Unity Day of Russia

Russian Holiday – National Unity Day of Russia

Today is an old/new Russian National Holiday – National Unity Day of Russia.

It is old, because it has been established at the year 1612, when Russian United forces expelled Polish–Lithuanian occupation forces from Moscow in November 1612. Leaders of the Nation were Kozma Minin and  Dmitry Pozharsky. Their monument is very famous near to St.Basil’s Cathedral at the Red Square of Moscow. This holiday is also celebrated as the end of the Time of Troubles and reunion of Russia.

This holiday is new because it was reestablished at 2007 to replace the commemoration of the Holiday of October Revolution (Soviet Period of Russia).

We usually celebrate this holiday at the streets of our cities. Many people are participating at demostrations and other social events. Moscow is very beautiful at this day.

As a gift for this holiday here is for you one of the most “Russian” song – Ой Мороз – Oy Moroz – Oh, severe  frost! – with audio, transcription and translation into Russian.

Listen to this song several times and look through the text to remember new words!

You can download AUDIO


or you can Download an App for iPhone/iPad or Android here:

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