Russian Grammar – Present Tense Verbs, Different Conjugations

Russian Grammar – Present Tense Verbs, Different Conjugations

The basics of Russian Grammar – Verbs and Conjugations

At the category “Russian Grammar” we show the basics of Russian Language grammar, describing most useful grammar rules, cases to let you learn Russian grammar more easily and effortlessly.

This lesson is about Russian verbs, it’s conjugations at Present  Tense.

The present tense of Russian verb corresponds to the English Present Simple, Present Continuous and Present Perfect.

In the present tense verbs conjugate (change for person and number). Each person has its own ending. There are two types of personal verb endings, in accordance with which verbs fall into verbs of 1st conjugation and verbs of 2nd conjugation.

Russian Grammar Chart 1. 1  and 2 Russian Verb Conjugations



Чита-ть (а) to read

Говори-ть (b) to speak

1st Conjugation

2nd Conjugation

Я (I)

Ты (You)

Он,она(He, She)

Мы (We)

Вы (You,plural)

Они (They)























– Что он делает? – What is he doing?

– Читает текст. – He’s reading a text.

– Он понимает этот текст? – Does he understand the text?

– Думаю, да. – I think so.

In sentences where the finite verbs points to the subject quite unequivocally the latter may be omitted: Думаю, да. (Я думаю, да.)


Russian verbs  may have the stress fixed on the stem (we will agree to call them Type [a] verbs) or on the ending (Type [b] verbs). Here some examples of most common in Russian conversational speech verb of both Types.

Russian Grammar Chart 2. Russian Verbs Type [a] and [b] examples

Читать (to read) Type [a] Говорить (to speak) Type [b]
Делать (to do)Думать (to think)Знать (to know)Отвечать (to reply)Изучать (to learn) Жить (to live)Любить (to love)Значить (to mean)Помнить (to remember)Ходить (to walk)

Exercise 1. Insert required pronouns

… читаю книгу.

Что … делаем сегодня?

… идешь домой?

… знают русский язык.

Exercise 2. Insert the verb говорить in the correct form.

Что я делаю? – Я … по-русски.

Что он делает? – Он … по-английски.

Мы говори… по-русски.

I believe this lesson was helpful. If you have some questions, please comment it below. Remember: you should learn just basics of Russian grammar, don’t concentrate on it too much! The best method of learning is massive input of easy reading and listening in Russianmore about this method.

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