Russian Grammar – Adverbs of Place, Questions and Short Answers

Russian Grammar – Adverbs of Place, Questions and Short Answers

Find the Ways How to Say “Where to Go” and Answer Correctly!

At the category “Russian Grammar” we show the basics of Russian Language grammar, describing most useful grammar rules, cases to let you learn Russian grammar more easily and effortlessly.

This lesson is about adverbs of place, questions and answers.

There are a lot of adverbs are used in Russian Language to convey location. Here are some Russian adverbs of place:

Russian Grammar Chart 1.

Здесь – hereТут – here (more informal)Там – there

Справа – on the right

Слева – on the left

Рядом – beside

Посередине – in the middle

Напротив – oppositeСнаружи – outsideВнутри – inside

Дальше – further

Под – under

Сразу за – directly after

We use this adverbs to show directions on the street, where something is located and so on. To use this words correctly, you need to know the questions and their meanings:

Где? Where (is it)?

Куда? Where (to go)?

Как пройти? How can I get there?

Откуда? From where?

Как мне добраться? How can I reach there?


–          Где школа? – Школа там. [- Where is the school? – It’s there.]

–          Куда мы идем? – В магазин. Он сразу за школой. [- Where are we going? –At the shop. It is directly after school]

–          Где ваш дом? – Он слева. [-Where is your home? – It is on the left.]

Word order in Russian is not so strict as in English. The subject of a sentence may stand at the beginning or the end of the sentence:

Russian Grammar Chart 2.

Subject– кто? (who?)– что? (what?) Где? Where? Где? Where? Subject– кто? (who?)– что? (what?)
ЗаводThe factory Справаis on the right СлеваOn the left Дом и музейare a house and a museum.

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences, as in the model:

Model: – Где журнал? – Он там.

-Где Ваше письмо? – Вот оно.

– Где ваш дом? … здесь.

– Это мое окно. – … слева.

– Где гостиница? – … справа.

– Где  Маша? – … здесь.

– Где Олег? – … там.

Exercise 2. Ask questions, as in the model: Почта там. – Где почта?

  1. Стадион здесь. 2. Парк там. 3. Школа справа. 4. Магазин слева.

I believe this lesson was helpful. Put your the answers on exercises at comments below and I will check it! Remember: you should learn just basics of Russian grammar, don’t concentrate on it too much! The best method of learning is massive input of easy reading and listening in Russianmore about this method.

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