Russian food – what traditional Russian cuisine contains

Russian food – what traditional Russian cuisine contains

Several Top Yummy Russian Dishes

Russian cuisine (русская кухня – russkaya kuhnya)  – is very interesting and contain a lot of very delicious dishes. It’s necessary to underline that Russian cuisine is various, mostly because Russia is very large and multinational country. Also, harsh and severe climate impacted on Russian national food too.

We eat a lot of meat and fish. Actually, in most cases, if there is no meat of fish at launch – everyone (mostly man) can ask – are we poor? Therefore there are a lot of meat and fish dishes in Russian cusine:

Pelmeni (пельмени) – national Russian dish, made with minced meat filling, wrapped in thin dough (made out of flour and eggs, sometimes with milk or water added). We have a unique receipt of cooking Russian pelmeni Ural-style: 45% of beef, 35% of lamb, and 20% of pork. So it is called Uralske Pelmeni (Ural is a mountain chain on the boarder of Europe and Asia).

Shashlyk (шашлык) – marinated meat grilled on a skewer. This Russian food came from south of Russia and was apparently borrowed from the Crimean Tatars by the Cossacks as early as the 16th century. Now at any season of the year if we go at the forest, we say: Едем на шашлыки (Going on shashliki) – means going to make shashlik, relaxing at the forest.

Pirozhki (пирожки) – another traditional Russian food, small stuffed pies made of either yeast dough or short pastry with different fillings inside. It can be meat, cabbage with eggs, potatoes, jam and so on. Pirozhki is very nice food if you have limited time for eating. There is a saying: Сядь на пенёк, съешь пирожок (Sit down on a stub, eat a pie).

Russian cuisine is famous for its soups as well. I should admit, cooking Russian soups is very hard activity. But you need to try it, result is very yummy.

Borsch (борщ) – red soup made of meat bullion, cabbage, beet, carrot, potatoes, and onion. I like to eat it with sour cream (a lot of sour cream, mmmm). It’s interesting that borshch is considered to become tastier a day or two after it is made. And also cold borshch is a great mean to fight a hangover.

Shchi (щи) – (cabbage soup) had been the predominant first course in Russian cuisine for over a thousand years. The main ingredient of this soup is sourcrout – it makes a special taste for this soup. There is an old Russian proverb  “Щи да каша — пища наша” – “Shchi and porridge are our staples”.

Okroshka (окрошка) – cold soup, very unusual.  That was a funny story about this soup when one American guy first came to Russia at summer and one of his notes at the blog was “This Russians are quite crazy. They take potatoes, eggs, sausages, onion, parsley, cucumbers, mix all this with sort of alco-free sweet beer and sour cream and eat with pleasure! The joke is how they call it: OH, BABY!” hehehh))) Kroshka – informal word you can call a girl you love.

I will not tell you about Russian traditional desserts, because I want to eat badly after writing this article. I’ll just put here some pictures and you will be able to understand by yourself 😛

If you want some easy recipes of Russian food, just write at the comment below, I’ll find to you and translate here 😀


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