Russian Family – A Simple Way To Understand Russians

Russian Family – A Simple Way To Understand Russians

To understand someone from Russia, is better to get acquainted with members of his/her family. Usually all of us copy our mental attitude, outlooks on life, habits and behavior – from the members of our families. In this article I will try to describe general the life of usual Russian family.

It’s common in Russia to create a family quite early – when husband and wife are 22-24 years old. They just finished universities and started to work. At this point Russia differs, for example, from Europe, where middle age of marriage – 28 years. Basically this goes from the fact that in Russia it is considered, that if the girl after 25 yet not married – it is bad (it’s more difficult for her to find a nice groom). Therefore frequently girls become initiators of fast marriage. Thus, recently the tendency of increasing marriage age is observed. I, for example, 26 years old, and yet single, but there were a few possibilities to marry.J Basically, the majority of my coevals are already married.

The young family can live for the first time with parents because it’s quite difficult to buy apartment (for example, the usual apartment on suburb of Moscow costs 200 000$ – a few people can allow such amount at first years after graduation). Often it proceeds no more than year and the young couple either buys apartment using mortgage or rent it.

Children usually come in a year-two after wedding. Basically, both spouses work full day and either give children to grandmothers, or take away in a kindergarten. In my opinion, it is the big tragedy that children grow, meeting with parents basically at evenings and on the days off. I personally would like to spend of more time with my kids.

It is very important to understand the relation of Russians to their parents. Basically, we are very rooted to our family, appreciate parents very much and communicate with them very often. They are a part of our life at any age. Moreover, when we reach mature age, we take responsibility for our parents – emotionally (calls, usual gatherings), and financially (the maintenance of aged parents when they live nearby). The Russian person cannot be torn off from his family; he or she will feel defective and tend somehow to find a contact with his family members.

Usual duties in Russian family:

  • The man (head of the family) earns a great bulk of money, buys an expensive things (like apartment, car, a country house, expensive education for children, etc.), look for everything works well in the house, brings up children.
  • The woman basically earns less money (mostly woman work because it’s boring to sit at home), does all stuff in the house (cooks, doing laundry, washing dishes, cleans a house, creates a beautiful environment), brings up children.

The model I describe is based on families I know; however, certainly there can be exceptions.

To really understand the life in Russia – come to the Russian family and live in real conditions couple of weeks. I promise, you will receive great pleasure and you have a lot of wonderful impressions.

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Oleg Vinzhegin,

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  1. Agradecido, Oleg Vinzhegin, achei muito bom texto, espero conhecer breve estes tão singular país, que é a russia.
    Um grando abraço a este povo maravilhoso.
    Até breve.

    Athos Sérgio

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