Russian Audio Lessons – The Best Way To Improve Russian Speaking

There is a set of ways to learn Russian language, here are some:

  • Reading
  • Memorizing of words, phrases and dialogues
  • Listening
  • Colloquial practice
  • Written practice

Practically every way from mentioned above forces the learner to concentrate on learning process – it is necessary to allocate special time to be engaged. Only one activity by which it is possible to do in parallel all other affairs is listening.

Listening is one of the most effective ways of studying second language. Moreover, it is the most effective way if we talk about acquiring speaking skill. So if you want to speak – you should listen a lot. Thus it is important to remember a rule – to listen an audio which is 0,5 level above yours. It means that if you are a beginner – it is necessary to listen to audio hardly above beginner level. So it will be interesting to you as well as quite understandable.

Advantages of an audio lessons:

1) Allow you to study language naturally through ears

2) You can take as many lessons as you wish – you need mp3 player only

3) It is possible to study anywhere – on vacation, in the car, in public transport

4) It is possible to study any time – at shop, at sports gym, on the walk, while in traffic and so on

5) Democratic lessons – you choose by yourself, if you have passed a lesson or still it is necessary to learn it

Needless to say, that audio lessons can be different. The most inefficient lessons is those when a tiresome voice speaks phrases from textbook and you repeat them as the robot. I believe only most motivated learners can stand it, all the others will get bored very soon and efficiency of this training will be equal zero. Much better lessons – dynamical, when speaker tells something interesting. The most effective audio lessons – when they ask you a question, and you answer using the same language. iLearnRussian Lessons are based on such method  – you can listen original Russian speech in the form of texts with 800 most common Russian words and phrases read in slow and normal speech.

Enjoy listening and imagine yourself speaking Russian – and soon your dreams will come true!

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