Russian Alphabet Pronunciation

Russian Alphabet Pronunciation

Download the Audio With The Right Pronunciation of Cyrillic Letters!

Recently I’ve made a research between our Twitter followers to the question: “What is the most difficult for beginner in Russian?”. A lot of answers were – Russian alphabet pronunciation, learning Russian alphabet, understanding  Cyrillic letters and so on.

So I’ve decided to make a podcast episode to show you the right pronunciation of Cyrillic letters from Russian alphabet. You can download an audio and look at the following charts, remember the letters and copy my pronunciation of them. Try to memorize the words containing the sounds of alphabet – it’ll be easier and faster.

You can also see the article A Quick Way To Understand Russian Alphabet to learn Cyrillic letters better.

You can learn Russian Language with free sources, but the best way is to use proven learning system!

We have created for you the best system to learn Russian language – iLearnRussian™ App for iOS and Android. You will consistently learn the Alphabet, basic words and phrases, and then get 27 very powerful audio lessons that will help you to understand and speak in Russian !!! Have FUN while learning Russian!

More information about iLearnRussian™ App for iOS and Android:

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