The Adjective. The Nominative Singular and Plural of Adjectives

Learn How to Say in Russian: beautiful!

At the category “Russian Grammar” we show the basics of Russian Language grammar, describing most useful grammar rules, cases to let you learn Russian grammar more easily and effortlessly.

This lesson is about the adjective, nominative and plural of adjectices.

Look at this example:

Он хороший друг – He is a good friendЭто удобная квартира – This is a comfortable flat

Russian Grammar Chart 1.


MasculineДом (house) Какой? FeminineКомната (room) Какая? NeuterКресло (chair) Какое? For All GendersДома (houses) Какие?
Новый (new)Большой (big)Хороший (good) НоваяБольшаяХорошая НовоеБольшоеХорошее НовыеБольшиеХорошие

So if you want to say to a women: “you are beautiful” – you should say “Ты красивая

The same phrase to a men will be “Ты красивый

Remember this:

  1. In the nominative singular masculine adjectives have the unstressed ending ый or the stressed ending ой: нОвый – большОй
  2. In the endings of masculine and plural adjectives и is written after the consonants г – русские, хорошие
  3. After the hard consonants ж and ш the ending ий and ие are pronounced as ый and ые, respectively
  4. In the neuter the adjective хороший has the unstressed ending ее: хорОшее кресло
  5. The English counterpart of the interrogative word какой is “what” or “which”; it changes for gender and number like an adjective.

Adjectives Denoting Colours

  • Белый – white
  • Чёрный – black
  • Красный – red
  • Жёлтый – yellow
  • Синий – dark blue
  • Зелёный – green
  • Голубой – light blue
  • Серый – grey
  • Коричневый – brown

The Numeral. Ordinal Numerals.

Ordinal numerals change for gender and number like adjectives.

Russian Grammar Chart 2.


MasculineДом (house) Какой? FeminineКомната (room) Какая? NeuterКресло (chair) Какое? For All GendersОкна (windows) Какие?
Первый (first)Второй (second)Третий (third) ПерваяВтораяТретья ПервоеВтороеТретье ПервыеВторыеТретьи

I believe this lesson was helpful. Put your questions at comments below and I will check it! Remember: you should learn just basics of Russian grammar, don’t concentrate on it too much! The best method of learning is massive input of easy reading and listening in Russianmore about this method.

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