7 Major Reasons To Learn Russian Language

7 Major Reasons To Learn Russian Language

What Else Do You Need To Boost Your Motivation For Learning?

Probably, you are interested in many languages and you like to learn new languages. Now you’re choosing what language you would like to learn first. In this article you will find the reasons to learn Russian preferably.

Reason 1. You wish to sound like Russians

Russian is considered as one of the most beautifully sounding. It is very poetical and rich. The Russian literature is famous for its colorful descriptions of situations, pictures and heroes through Russian language. Probably, you wish to read Russian literature in the originals and speak as well as written there.

Reason 2. You wish to talk in Russian to close people or on work

You probably have friends in Russia or you constantly communicate with the person who speaks Russian. It can be a girl-friend, neighbors or friends. It can be colleagues or clients. You wish to speak with it in one language – Russians like it very much when foreigners speak with them in Russian even with mistakes. You wish to understand what these people tell you and build with them more close relations. Therefore you need to learn Russian and to start to speak Russian.

Reason 3. You wish to travel to Russia

Everybody knows that there are very few people in Russia who speak English. If you need to ask something and you do not know Russian, it’ll be very hard for you to explain. Besides, signboards and indexes in all cities of Russia are in Russian and without knowledge of Russian it’s easy to be lost. But you want so much to travel Russia, visit St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan or Krasnodar, but still do not know Russian. So you need to learn a basics of Russian – base grammatical constructions, simple expressions, tourist phrases.

Reason 4. You wish to find the love in Russia

Many who were in Russia underline the beauty of Russian people. Russia is the multinational country and the mixture of the people and genes generates people with very beautiful appearance. A lot of people from different countries wish to marry very beautiful Russian girls or strong Russian guys. To get acquainted and communicate with them – Russian language is necessary.

Reason 5. You like «a mysterious Russian soul»

You communicate with Russian, read Russian literature and interested in Russia probably because it seems to you that Russian differ from other people during to their «mysterious Russian soul». You are drawn by an openness and friendliness of Russian, hospitality and joyfulness. You wish to learn more about Russian through Russian language, therefore you learn it.

Reason 6. You want to invest to Russia

Russia – one the 5 countries BRICS, with the highest rates of economic growth. The markets are developing in Russia very dynamically and it’s very profitable to invest in Russia. You wish to know more about the economy of Russia, about possibilities of the Russian market, or plan to develop your own business in Russia. For this purpose Russian language is necessary to you and you wish it to learn.

Reason 7. A lot of people speak in Russian

You like so much to communicate with people from the different countries by skype, mail or in facebook. You like to visit them to meet personally. Russian language today is one of the 10 official languages of United Nations – a Global language. In Russian speak more than 300 million people from different countries. It is interesting to you to communicate with many people from the countries of the former Soviet Union and you wish to learn Russian therefore.

I think it far from all reasons. What reason of studying Russian do you have? We’re waiting for yours comments.

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