Reading Power In Learning Russian Language

Reading Power In Learning Russian Language

There is no successful learner of the language who would underestimate the power of reading during the process of learning.

At this article I will talk about two different approaches to reading, how reading infuences the  process of learning second language, interesing facts and results of latest researches at this topic.

Thoughtful and massive reading has several positive impacts on overall progress in learning language:

1)      Expands a lexicon

2)      Promotes understanding and improvement of the grammar

3)      Stimulates creativity in writing

4)      Increases motivation and interest to language (especially if you read interesting for you topics)

5)      Allows to plunge as a whole into language and understand it more deeply

However, there are some features which are necessary to understand in order to make reading process the greatest force on progress in acquiring Russian language.

The traditional approach assumes persistent work on the text in which the learner cannot know more than 20 % of words. Such approach, according to researches (by Dr. Stephen Krashen) it is considered the extremely inefficient. First, it does not give the necessary effect in storing of words and lexicon expansion. Learner sees too many new words to remember them deeply and already next day forgets. According to researches, it is necessary to see a word of not less than 15 times to remember it. Second, the translation of words is very labour-consuming activity and reading process turns for learner in penal servitude.

According to last researches, the most effective approach is repetitive reading of an easy and interesting materialEasy means that on 1 page of the book text learner meets 3-5 new words. Repetitive means that learner should read one text numbers of times within several days (15 times during 3 days, for example) then as much as possible deep perception of the text and storing of new words will be provided. The interesting material means that is better to read on those themes in which you are interested.

Here is a quote from Dr. Stephen Krashen’s famous research:

When second language learners read for pleasure, they develop the competence they need to move from the beginning ordinary conversational level to a level where they can use the second language for more demanding purposes. Such as the serious study of literature, business and so on. When they read for pleasure they can continue to improve in their second language without classes, without teachers, without study. And even without people to converse with.”

This article is about reading, but listening is the same thing. When you read and listen a lot of easy understandable and interesting for you material – you develop in the knowledge of Russian language tremendously. I felt it when was learning English and still develoing my skills throughout the same approach: easy reading and listening a lot, a lot, a lot! This is the power of reading 🙂 You can trust that I am trying to help you as best I can, that I really care about you. You can trust that this is in fact how it works, because I tested it on myself and plenty of my friends who struggled to study language as well.

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