Perhaps The Best App For Learning Russian

Do you want to speak Russian? Seeking for innovative methods of learning? Want to learn Russian in an easy and effective way? Here is the best decision for you!

iLearnRussian™ App – First Step To Fluency In Russian


iLearnRussian App for iOS and Android includes 27 Lessons with the most effective method of learning Russian language, based on repetitive listening of easy natural Russian speech (220 MB), reading simple text with 800 most common words of Russian language (27 Lesson sets with 3 text in each) and natural comprehension of the new vocabulary. This innovative method is proven by hundreds thousands of successful learners worldwide.


iLearnRussian App is developed for iOS and Android – you can use any device (mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop). Application guides you from the Basics of Russian language (Alphabet, common words, Useful phrases). Main feature – 27 Audio Lessons – gives you an opportunity to simultaneously listen and read natural Russian and see a translation of each lesson at the time of listening. Lessons are downloading on your device right after the purchase, so you don’t need an access to an internet. Learn Russian everywhere – on the bus or the train, in the car, while you cook, while you walk, while you shop…You don’t need to spend too much time for studying.


iLearnRussian™ App for iOS and Android contains all that you need to learn the Basics of Russian language: most useful words, phrases, Audio-Lingual Lessons that helps you to learn 200+ new words per lesson and improve your speaking fluency.

Download iLearnRussian™ App for iOS and Android on your device:

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