Oleg Vinzhegin: introducing myself


My name is Oleg Vinzhegin

I live in Moscow, Russia. I was born in Omsk (Siberia), Russia.

I have a Master’s degree at teaching languages (Omsk State University) and PhD at economics (Finance University under the Government of Russian Federation).

I love Russian language. From my childhood I was writing a lot in Russian (fiction and poems), reading classical Russian literature and developing my speech.

My definite major purpose is to make Russian language widely available to as many as possible people in the World. I want to help everyone, who is interested in Russia, learn Russian language more easily and effectively and finally speak Russian like Russians.

In order to achieve my purpose I create highly effective instruments (lessons, texts, articles, podcasts, etc.) which I had proven on myself while learning other languages.

I easily converse in English and Spanish and I’ve learned these languages without tutors, just by self-study, using powerful methods I teach.

If you just started to learn Russian, I advise you to subscribe to e-mail course ”7 RULES To Learn Russian Easily” at Russian Language Learning Club site http://www.learnrussianlanguage.ru/newsletter and try the methods this site contains!

You can also try RLLC Reading Lessons for Beginners – they are simple and are the great tool to introduce you to the language. You can get a sample of this lessons here: http://www.learnrussianlanguage.ru/russian-language-reading-lessons-for-beginners.

Listen to my story about how I used all methods I teach while learning English here at RLLC Podcasthttp://www.learnrussianlanguage.ru/podcast

Have a nice day!

With all my faith and love,

Oleg Vinzhegin

The founder of the Russian Language Learning Club,

Creator and developer of the RussianEasy System©