Download 300 Most Common Words of Russian Language!

Download 300 Most Common Words of Russian Language!

What Else Do You Need To Start Learning Russian Effectively?

When I started to learn English language, I always searched for ways to do it more effectively. One of the first my discoveries was that while speaking at in any language, people use only 300-500 most widespread words. So if you know these words, you can understand the basic meaning of any conversation.

Our brain is such a wonderful thing – it manages everything in a most simple way. So usually we speak very ordinary words and these words are repeated very often. When I was learning English, I’ve translated the first 3000 words, written down in 2 columns and learnt them: closing one column, then another. The same way I suggest to you for  learning the first 300 most widespread words of Russian. I have translated it for you, you can download PDF file here: First_300_Most_Common_Russian_Words

How to use the file?

Try to learn maximum 10 words a day. The less – the better, you should concentrate on quality of memorization.  I recommend 3 words in 3 days. That is 3 days you repeat 3 words (in the morning and in the evening), until you remember it. In the following 3 days you will learn new 3 words and repeat the previous.

You can learn words by translating from Russian into English (it is necessary for reading and understanding of speech), and from English into Russian (it is necessary for speaking). Close serially left or right column and recollect an equivalent.

One more very useful way – to try to create sentences from already learnt words. Try to formulate the sentence, let it be even ridiculous or foolish. While in the group, the words can be remembered easier.

You can learn Russian Language by memorizing Russian this list of words, but the best way is to use proven learning system!

We have created for you the best system to learn Russian language – iLearnRussian™ App for iOS and Android. You will consistently learn the Alphabet, basic words and phrases, and then get 27 very powerful audio lessons that will help you to understand and speak in Russian !!! Have FUN while learning Russian!

More information about iLearnRussian™ App for iOS and Android:

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