Why You Don’t Need To Learn Russian Grammar?

Why You Don’t Need To Learn Russian Grammar?

And What Is The Most Effective Method To Learn Russian Language?

Within last three months I actively communicated with people from the different countries – active Russian learners. I was interested what methods do they use, what helps them more, what is the most difficult, what can motivate and demotivate them.

What has appeared the most difficult was Russian grammar. In this article I will discuss the importance of the grammar in Russian language studying, and what to do if it’s hard for you to learn it.

Let me begin with the fact that Russian is an obligatory subject in Russian schools. We learn Russian grammar during at least 10 years. BUT! Only very small amount of Russian native speakers really know Russian grammar. In informal conversation the grammar plays a supporting role, and we usually do a lot of errors. We also do many errors when we write to each other. The fact is – nobody notices these errors. So if you think like a perfectionist – “I should learn Russian grammar to speak correctly and avoid mistakes” – you’re going to do useless work, nobody actually cares about grammar mistakes here in Russia.

Now let me ask you a question – is it really necessary for you to learn Russian grammar which PRACTICALLY NOBODY knows in Russia and use only superficially? Is there any sense for you to spend a heap of time trying to learn complicated rules and numerous exceptions from them. If follow this path, I GUARANTEE, you will be disappointed.

So, What To Do?

The first rule you need to remember when you start to learn Russian:


If you don’t want to become a victim of demotivation, because it’s hard to learn Russian grammar, do not concentrate on it! Think about it – Russian children after all do not run up to mum and speak: «Mum, I have already learnt the past tense, can I now learn the future?». They learn Russian intuitively, naturally. They listen, repeat, copy, remember, and then start to spell, read more, remember naturally, without knowledge of grammar in general.

I suggest to learn like a small children do! A human brain works perfectly well, it understands in what cases to speak this way or that way. You just need to give it regularly and during for a long «food for reflexion».

To get the best results from this method, follow this sequence:

a) listen to slow Russian speech which you understand. There should be a transcript with translation to your language;

b) read simple Russian texts in which you understand 97 % of words. So you will expand a vocabulary naturally, not spending extra time and energy.

Using this method we created the RLLC Reading Lessons For Beginners. This lessons contain 27 easy texts with transcription, English translation, and audio in slow Russian speech (I read it 2 times – slowly and in normal speed). You can download the first lesson “Gagarin” here: http://www.learnrussianlanguage.ru/russian-language-reading-lessons-for-beginners

Such approach according to numerous researchers and linguists is the most effective method today for learning a second language. Why is it so effective:

1) you learn grammar naturally, needlessly to memorize rules and learn exceptions;

2) your studying process is comfortable. Learning Russian turns from stressful activity to pleasurable journey;

3) you can feel every day progress and celebrate new small victories;

4) you gradually increase the vocabulary and start to understand how sentences are build and how to speak

I suggest to try the most effective method of studying of Russian – to stop concentrate on grammar, and to start to read simple texts in Russian and to listen to simple slow original speech. If you do it constantly and every day, in 2-3 months you will feel notable results. I believe in you!!!

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