In Soviet Russia – Russian Language Learns You!

In Soviet Russia – Russian Language Learns You!

The Most Popular “In Soviet Russia” Jokes

Some of the most popular jokes about Russia begin with the words “In Soviet Russia”. Usually, this are jokes about the peculiarities of the Russian people, the approach to the different situations, about Russian things, places and many other stuff.

Here are some common directions of jokes about Russia:

In Russia Bears are Civilized

One of the most popular tales about Russia – that the Russian people live close to the brown, polar bears and other grizzly. It is certainly a fiction. Although, there are photos, which can make you believe in a civilized Russian bears.

“Russian Food”

Other jokes show food (usually American) with the traditional Russian character. For example, a hamburger with red caviar or Coca-Cola in a glass jar 3l (usually in the Soviet Union juices were produced this way).

A lot of jokes are on the topic of cold in Russia. Often, in such jokes appear dogs in Valenki (felt boots) and Ushanka (hats with earflaps). Poor Russian dogs, they have to dress warmly.

A separate theme for jokes – human rights in Russia. Normally, in-jokes, they are humiliated. Even harmless barrel of garbage can suffer.

Technical ingenuity of the Russian people – it is a very big topic for jokes. Although Russian first launched a man into space, came up with the periodic table and a bunch of other inventions, often ingenuity Russian has a really funny expression.

Russian women are not only smart, but also strong. About this a special section of jokes.


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