How To Start Learning Russian if You Are a Beginner?

How To Start Learning Russian if You Are a Beginner?

5 Most Important Steps for Beginners

Suppose you have decided to learn the Russian language. Now you think, where to start? What are the first steps to make in order to realize your dream – to start speaking in Russian?

In this short article we will give you 5 most useful tips on how to start learning Russian if you are total Beginner.

1 STEP. Start with the alphabet.

Russian alphabet (Cyrillic) – is very different from the Latin alphabet. To understand how to read the words, you need to know how to pronounce Russian letters. This article with audio will help you with this: Russian Alphabet Pronunciation , A Quick Way To Understand Russian Alphabet

2 STEP. Write down most common words and phrases of Russian.

Our everyday speech is made up of less than 1000 most common words and phrases, such as “yes”, “hello”, “thank you” and so on. Write down key words and memorize them. So you will learn to read Russian letters and understand the basics of conversational speech. You can find the most common phrases of the Russian language, here: The Most Common Phrases of Speaking Russian Language , First 10 “survival” phrases in Russian , Useful Phrases of Russian Language

3 STEP. Find easy Russian texts and read a lot.

The best way to learn any language – to start reading very easy texts. The best example are books for children, fairy tales. These books have simple language – it is exactly what you need! You will begin to quickly increase your vocabulary and feel confident in the development of the Russian language. Since it’s  is quite difficult to find a adopted, simple texts the Internet, we have made iLearnRussian App specially for beginners – with 27 very simple texts which are constantly repeated 800 most common words of the Russian language. You can Download App here:

4 STEP. Listen a lot of simple Russian speech.

If reading will help you to expand vocabulary and understand more, listening will force you to speak in Russian. There is a law, confirmed by the millions of learners of a new language – the more you listen, the better and faster you begin to speak. In iLearnRussian App every text is read slowly and quickly, so that you can understand every word and remember it. It is the most effective method of learning Russian language.

5 STEP. Find friends in Russia or those who also learn Russian.

The more you interact with people, the higher your interest in Russian language. The higher the interest – the sooner you learn! Find new friends, who also learn Russian or from Russia. In this goal our club is the best – you can find thousands of learners on our club page on Facebook and Twitter, here: TW  FB

If you are already not a Beginner in Russian language and looking for new materials to expand your skills, download a new App iLearnRussianPRO – there you can try the most effective method for the development of your Russian speech – Mini-Stories with Question-Answer technology. It will make you THINK in Russian, so you will start to SPEAK very well soon! Download iLearnRussianPRO here:

Wish you to Learn Russian Language with Enthusiasm and Fun!

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