How To Say “Goodbye” In Russian?

Who Else Wants To Know Different Ways To Farewell In Russian

Russian language has a lot of ways of greetings, but it’s also possible to tell “goodbye” differently in Russian. Thus, these variants differ very much in sense. In this article you learn how to say “goodbye” in Russia to be understood correctly.

1. Пока (PokA) – the most widespread farewell. However, you can say “пока ” only in informal dialogue, with friends. ” Пока” doesn’t fit formal dialogue.

Derivatives of Пока:

Покедова (PokEdova) – very informal farewell, only with friends

Poki-chmoki (POkiChmOki) – it is the Internet slang,  can be seen in icq or social networks, but sometimes it is possible to tell this way to close friends, everybody will laugh J

Покедос (PokedOs) – very informal farewell, only with close friends

2. До свиданья (Do svidAn’ya) – it’s very widespread farewell too, but more formal. So it is possible to say До свиданья to chiefs, people who is older than you or higher at social status

3. Прощай (ProschAy) – we speak so, when leave for ever. Very sad word.

4. До скорой встречи (Do skOroy vstrEchi) – formal enough farewell, can be spoken by enamored when do not wish to leave

5. Давай (DavAy) – usually it means [give me], but we often speak so when we finish a phone conversation or as farewell, it’s very informal form – only with friends

6. Будь здоров! (Bud ’ zdorOv) – direct translation is [be healthy] we say so quite seldom, but it happens as well J

Usually in Russia men say goodbye and shake hands. So if there are some men at the room and you shake hands with one, it’s necessary to shake with all others, otherwise they can think you don’t respect them. When you say goodbye in Russia it’s possible to kiss only close friends and relatives. Kisses at work are not accepted.

And how you do you say goodbye at your language? Tell us at comments.

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