How Can I Learn Russian – Unusual Methods

Have You Tried These Methods to Learn Russian?

When you decided to learn Russian language, the first thing you asked yourself – is «How can I learn Russian?». There are many ways to learn Russian. The choice of method depends on how effective it is for you, how interested you are to learn exactly this way but not otherwise. Traditional methods of studying the Russian language include: 1) Listening to the mp3 lessons in Russian 2) Reading Russian books and texts 3) Making exercises and tasks within a learning system with textbooks  4) studying online with special sites with exercises and audio.

However, there are other unusual ways that you can try – maybe one of them will fit you perfectly:

  1. Listen online radio in Russian

Some of my friends who study the Russian language say that a good way to learn Russian – is to listen to the radio in Russian. Even if you do not understand, by constant careful listening for a long time you will soon begin to distinguish individual words and phrases and memorize them. In my opinion, it makes sense. Indeed, on the radio you hear the original Russian language, which you’ll hear, communicating with the Russian in everyday life. I suggest using this method when you already have a certain vocabulary of words, so you will be able to catch the general meaning of conversations on the radio.

Here is a great radio station, where there are constant analytics programs with a real Russian speech:

“Radio Mayak”

  1. Watch programs / news / movies on-line Russian TV

If you are “visual” person – it’s easier for you to learn by seeing images – it can be helpful to watch Russian TV online. You can, for example, to select a single program, a talk show or TV series. You can also watch the news every day (the news sets can be played multiple times online). Or you can simply turn on the online stream and watch everything. My recommendations:

First Russian Channel: Первый канал

NTV Channel: Телеканал НТВ

Vesti: Программа «Вести» телеканал Россия

  1. View sports games with Russian commentators

If you love sports, Russian hockey or football, you can watch online broadcasts of interesting matches with Russian commentators. You’ll be immersed in the game, and automatically understand what the commentator is saying during a match. It is a very effective method to learn the language, I use it whenever I watch NHL hockey games. At first I did not understand anything, then began to pick up basic phrases and understand intuitively, and eventually started to understand everything. My recommendations:

Live broadcasts of sporting events in Russia and the world, sports programs

  1. Listen to the Russian language during sleep

Another unusual way to learn Russian gave me my friend Akmal (he is originally Egyptian), whose father was a diplomat. He said that professional diplomats should know several languages ​​and always keep them at a high communicative level. Therefore, his dad always listened to an audio in different languages ​​at night during sleep. I must admit that Akmal is speaking Russian without thinking, he has very fluent speech – it means the method works. I tried this method on myself. Frankly, it has a very strong effect on the quality of sleep – I often woke up during the nights and wanted to sleep during the day. Therefore, I suggest to use this method with caution.

  1. Translation of texts on their professional specialty

When I wrote my dissertation (I’ve got Ph.D. degree), I had to translate English texts in my scientific field. This activity had a huge effect, resulted in increasing of my English vocabulary. You can find the texts or other information in Russian, on topics that are interesting to you or that you do professionally, and to translate them with the dictionary. This will be useful for your own personal development and your Russian vocabulary will increase.

I hope these methods will help you to learn Russian faster and easier. If you know of other methods – please write them at the comments section below.

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