Grammar Is Not The Language

Grammar Is Not The Language

Last several weeks I’m talking with learners of Russian language in order to find out – how are you learning, what are the most difficult parts in language, what method you’re using and so on. So the most difficult part in learning Russian language – and it’s not a great discovery – is grammar. All this declining nouns, different verb forms and other stuff are usual nightmare for passionate learners. Maybe you share this idea too 🙂

And I want to declare here and now – GRAMMAR IS NOT THE LANGUAGE!

What do I mean by that?

I want to say, that even if you make grammar mistakes in your speech – people will be able to understand and communicate with you. The essence of language is an ability to communicate – you can do it even if you make 5 mistakes in one sentence.

What happens if you think grammar is highly important and struggle to memorize all this countless rules and exceptions? You become bored, than stressed, than nervous and finally lose all motivation to learn language or even fail to learn it at all.

What happens if you think grammar is not the language? You let free your passionate desire to express your thoughts in this language. You don’t worry about mistakes, because you know people will understand you anyway and correct if necessary, help you and support. You learn language naturally as a child and finally understand all this tuff grammar constructions unconsciously, easy. Your motivation and confidence is rising constantly.

My definite major purpose is to learn at least all European languages and approve this method on myself. And I want to teach everyone who is eager to learn Russian language this approach to express yourself in Russian. Whole this site is about it.

I believe we can do it together and soon YOU WILL SPEAK RUSSIAN LIKE RUSSIANS🙂

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With all my faith and love,

Oleg Vinzhegin,

Your personal guide into the world of excellent Russian speaking

2 thoughts on “Grammar Is Not The Language

  1. Thanks a bunch for the tips, and your website definitely looks exceptional. Exactly what wordpress design are you employing?

    1. You’re welcome! Soon I’ll add more video and podcast episodes here! I use Chip Life design)

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