The Future Tense of the Verb. Formation of the Future Tense

How to Say in Russian: I will speak Russian?

At the category “Russian Grammar” we show the basics of Russian Language grammar, describing most useful grammar rules, cases to let you learn Russian grammar more easily and effortlessly.

This lesson is about the Future Tense of the verb, formation of the Future Tense.

Look at this example:

Сегодня вечером я буду читать, а может быть, пойду в кино.I will read tonight or, perhaps, I will go to the cinema.

Russian verbs have two forms of the future tense: the simple future and the compound future.

  1. Only perfective verbs have simple future. The conjugated forms of perfective verbs are future tense forms.

Я прочитаю – I will read

Ты прочитаешь – you will read

Он, она прочитает – he/she will read

Мы прочитаем – we will read

Вы прочитаете – You will read

Они прочитают – they will read

  1. Only imperfective verbs have the compound future. The compound future is formed with the help of the conjugated forms of the verb быть and the infinitive of the principal verb.

Я буду читать – I will be reading

Ты будешь читать – you will be reading

Он, она будет читать – he,she will be reading

Мы будем читать – we will be reading be reading

Вы будете читать – You will be reading

Они будут читать – they will be reading

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