First 10 “survival” phrases in Russian

In this article I will tell you 10 most necessary phrases in Russian if you have arrived to Russia. This phrases are most useful if you are first time in Russia. Some will help you in common situations in Russia, others – to help you to find Russian friends.

1. Привет – PrivEt – Hello. Спасибо – SpasIbo – Thanks. Пожалуйста – PozhAluysta – Please. До свиданья – Do SvidAniya – Good-bye. These phrases are basic in any vital situations. You need to learn these phrases by heart – they are necessary for the first acquaintance and the reference to people in Russia. In any uncertain situation say: PrivEt and SpasIbo!

2. Как пройти на… Kak proytI na… How to pass on … This phrase will help you to reach any place in Russia. People will show you a direction with pleasure and help to find the place you need.

3. Где можно покушать? Кафе, ресторан? – Gde mOzhno pokUshat? KafE restorAn? – Where can I eat? Cafe, restaurant? This phrase is necessary when you want to eat, but do not know where to find the nearest cafe/restaurant. One more variant of this phrase «Где можно перекусить?» Gde mOzhno perekusIt’ – «Where can I have a bite?» is more simple when you’re looking  for a snack/fast food.

4. Сколько это стоит? – SkOl’ko eto stOit? – How much does it costs? This phrase is necessary when you want to learn the price of something. Usually in Russian shops all prices are fixed. But in souvenir benches there are no price lists and it is necessary to ask the price. Keep in mind, that they usually make higher price for foreigners, so one more phrase will help you: «Это дорого. Давай скидку.» Eto dOrogo. DavAy skIdku. – «It’s expensive. Give me the discount.» Russia is a half Asian country, therefore sellers can bargain. Do not hesitate to ask the price you want.

5. Можете сфотографировать? – Mozhete sfOtografIrovat’? – Can you make a picture? This phrase is necessary to ask someone to make a picture on your camera. Don’t afraid to ask – any person will be happy to help you.

6. Мне нравится Россия. Mne nrAvitsya Rossiya. I like Russia. This phrase will give you the key to Russian’s heart. Russian love foreigners, especially those who like Russia. If you say this phrase to your new acquaintance – he/she will be your friend and will want to show and tell you a lot about our country.

7. Водку я не пью, спасибо! – VOdku ya ne p’yu, spasIbo! – I do not drink vodka, thank you! You need to say this phrase with a smile when you are offered a drink together with Russians. It will rescue you from crazy things and terrible hangover the next day. It’s better to drink soft drinks – beer, wine – with Russians. Let them drink vodka with each other, trust me – it will be safer for you.

8. Мне хватит. Mne hvAtit. It’s enough for me. This phrase is needed if nevertheless you started to drink vodka with Russians. Since you have agreed for this adventure – you need to control the situation. Don’t dirnk more than 3-4 shots, then say: “Mne hvAtit” and show that you are already very drunk. I promise, in this case – you’ll have fun and won’t get into an unexpected situations in Russia.

9. Довезите меня до гостиницы. DovezIte menYA do gostInitsy. Take me to hotel. This phrase is vital, if you forgot to tell the previous two and nevertheless drank more than four shots of vodka. You need to have taken to the hotel, preferably accompanied by your Russian friends. If go alone totally drunk – it is likely that the taxi driver will take a lot of money, you’ll lose your documents, telephone or something like that. Feel free to ask your friends to take you to the hotel. If you drink vodka with them – you are already one family, they will take care of you.

10. Я вас люблю. Ya vas lublYU. I love you. When you drink with Russians, say this phrase – and you will become the soul of the company. Russians are happy to feel the unity and love to drink together. This generates great fun and excellent mood for all. You can say this phrase at parting with your Russian friends – probably, they even will begin to cry with happiness.

Come to Russia – it’s very interesting!

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