The Day of the Love of Russian Woman

February 23 – Defender’s Day in Russia

Yesterday in Russia we’ve celebrated the holiday, which is “a great holiday” such as a New Year’s Day or the Day of Constitution.

February 23 is considered as “masculine Day” – the day when women in Russia congratulates men, their defenders and defenders of the Fatherland. So the official name of the holiday – the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.


February 23 was declared in the Soviet Union in 1922 as the “Day of the Red Army and the Navy.” From 1949 to 1993. was called “The Day of the Soviet Army and Navy.” Historians agree that at February 23, 1918 the troops of new Red Army have won their first victory at Pskov and Narva on the regular armies of Imperial Germany. This first first victories became the “birthday of the Red Army.”

Here’s what Joseph Stalin wrote in the order of 23 February 1942:

Young Red Army troops brought into the war, routed the German invaders at Pskov and Narva, February 23, 1918. That is why the day of February 23, 1918 was declared the birthday of the Red Army.

For some people a holiday on February 23 was the day of the men who serve in the army or in any enforcement agencies. However, the majority of citizens of Russia and the former Soviet Union tend to view Defender’s Day not as the anniversary of the great victory or birthday of the Red Army, but as a day of real men, “Defenders” in the broadest sense of this word.

Russian women give to men in this day special attention, gifts and love. Corporate parties are arranged at the offices, people are celebrating and drinking alcohol. I love this holiday because it is always nice to see how the girls reveal all their creative talents and do rejoice, congratulating men.

That’s how corporate party held at my work:

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