Sing and Learn© – The BEST SONGS for LEARING RUSSIAN!

A lot of people successfully learn languages by listening songs. This method includes review of lyricstransliteration (for better understanding of pronunciation) and translation (LTT) of songs. The best way to use it – is to listen to the song and follow LTT.

As a result – you listen to a new words repeatedly and remember its correct sense.

Here you can order a packs of the most popular and wonderful songs of the period you like:

  • NATIONAL SONGS: 20 the most well-known folk Russian songs (download mp3), like “Oy moroz moroz”, “Valenki” and others
  • SOVIET SONGS: 20 wonderful songs of Soviet period of Russia (download mp3), like “Lizaveta”, “Podmoskovnye vechera” and others
  • MODERN SONGS: 20 new, top songs of modern Russian artists (download mp3), different styles, like “Vremja narkotik” of Denis Maydanov, “Prostitsya” of UmaTurman and others

BONUS: every song (mp3) is combined with PDF file that include: LYRICS in Russian, TRANSCRIPT (for better understanding of pronunciation) and TRANSLATION into English!


Do you want a sample to try the method? Fill the form below and you will get the link to download one folk Russian song mp3 with lyrics, transcript and translation!

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