Anthem of the Russian Empire (1833-1917)

This Anthem was called “Боже, Царя храни” – Bozhe, Tsatya hrani! – God, save the Tsar! It was national anthem of Russian Empire until Russian Revolution in 1917.  The composer was Alixey Lvov, close to Russian Tsar, and the lyrics was created by poet Vasily Zhukovsky (some historicans say that Alexander Pushkin also took a small part in creation of the anthem).

Here is the original Russian text, transliteration and translation of this Anthem.

Original Russian Text:

Боже, Царя храни!

Сильный, державный,

Царствуй на славу, на славу нам!

Царствуй на страх врагам,

Царь православный!

Боже, Царя храни!


Bozhe, Tsarya khrani!

Sil’nih, derzhavniy,

Tsarstvuiy na ‘slavu, Na ‘slavu nam!

Tsarstvuiy na strakh vragam,

Tsar pravoslavniy.

Bozhe, Tsarya khrani!


God, save the Tsar!

Strong and majestic,

Reign for glory, For our glory!

Reign to foes’ fear,

Orthodox Tsar.

God, save the Tsar!

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