Early Russian History, ancient and medieval Russia – Novgorod, Vladimir, Kiev, Moscow

Early Russian History, ancient and medieval Russia – Novgorod, Vladimir, Kiev, Moscow

Every Russian knows the history of Russia. This subject we study during whole school period and at universities as well. You can tell a lot about Russian people by only knowing history of our country, therefore, I think, it will be interesting to you to read a short note about history of ancient Russia.

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Today’s Russia – the biggest country in the world, stretched from the Baltic sea to the Atlantic ocean. However the ancient state, with which modern Russia began, was much smaller. It also was called Rus’.

Rus’ has arisen in the middle of 9 centuries from the isolated half-civilized tribes occupying territory from Baltic to Black seas. According to annals, these tribes were united by Oleg – the charismatic leader of the Scandinavian Vikings. My name is Oleg to (I’m very proud of it), this name means “sacred”, “light”. Oleg has united some large cities, in particular Novgorod and Kiev, and has organized a trading way from Scandinavia to Byzantium (modern Turkey, Greece and etc.).

Travellers of that time described Russian people as gloomy, strange and even wild. Now when my foreign friends come to Russia, they often ask too – why do people have so few smiles on faces? Actually, we are very kind and cheerful people,  but, I think, we often seem such gloomy simply because of severe northern climate and a lack of sunny days. Let all Russians visit Jamaica more often! 🙂

Early Russian History, ancient and medieval Russia – Novgorod, Vladimir, Kiev, Moscow

The establishment Orthodox Christianity as basic religion prince Vladimir became a serious stage in history of Russia after Oleg. Before him each tribe trusted in the pagan gods, therefore the Christianity establishment promoted unity of Russia in the whole state. People loved Vladimir and named him The Red Sun (Красно Солнышко).

After Vladimir there was one more very good governor – Yaroslav The Wise (Ярослав Мудрый). He concluded favorable alliances with other countries, developed art, created laws and etc.

After 300 years invasions of the tataro-mongol, Moscow city became a capital of ancient Russia and the new period of the Russian history has begun.

There are many small cities around Moscow, where monuments of history of those years have remained and where you can feel the spirit of ancient Russia. It’s very nice in summer days, but if you are ready, you can come in winter too! 😉

Welcome to Russia and let’s travel together! 🙂

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