A Little-Known Secrets About Great Russian Writers

A Little-Known Secrets About Great Russian Writers

Interesting Stories From Russian Geniuses Lifes

The Russian literature is known worldwide, people from all over the World read Russian writers with pleasure. Statistics shows, the most recognized Russian writers are Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Lermontov, Gogol. The beauty of Russian Language reveals at all its power in classical Russian literature. This people were, without any doubt, geniuses, however they were simple people as well, and there were a lot of funny stories in their life, here some of them.

Mikhael Lermontov – the fan of mathematics

Michael Lermontov was the great poet and the lover of art. However, thirsting for development and expression of creativity nature of the poet always searched for other ways of expression besides poetry. During one period, Lermontov was very interested in mathematics. He spent days trying to solve difficult mathematical problems, consulting with friends. Once Michael faced a huge challenge, he worked all day long trying to solve it, being at home of his old friend Lopukhin. Eventually, he couldn’t solve it and has fallen asleep behind a table. At night he saw at his dream the strange person, who has told the decision of this mathematical problem. Lermontov woke up and wrote the decision on a board. Lopukhin came in the morning and was amazed. Lermontov promised to send a portrait of the person which has prompted the necessary decision. A week later he has sent Lopukhin’s portrait in full growth in the ancient suit, written on a canvas with oil.

Ivan Krylov – food lover

 Ivan Krylov is well known Russian master of a fable. Krylov’s passion was food. He was very big person and ate a lot. Before a dinner he read 2 or 3 fables, and after praises waited for a meal. Krylov ate an enormous plate with “rasstegai” (pies), three plates of uha (fish soup), huge chopped veal cutlets – a pair of plates, a fried turkey (he called it “Firebird”), also “mocheniya” (salty vegetables): special “nezhinskiye” cucumbers, a cowberry, cloudberries, plums. Krilov ate huge apples as plums, and at the end of the dinner he liked a Strasbourg paste from the freshest butter, truffles and fuagra. Having eaten some plates, Krylov leant on kvass(soft drink) than drank two glasses of coffee with cream in which you will thrust a spoon – it stands. Krylov ate much and with pleasure. The sad end of this story is that Krylov died from overeating.

The Woes of Wit” has dreamt to Alexander Griboedov

Alexander Griboedov is one of the greatest Russian writer and the diplomat. He wrote, that the plan of the most well-known comedy  “The Woes of Wit”  he saw in his dream when he was in diplomatic mission in Persia. He dreamt that he retold a comedy plot to his friends from St.-Petersburg. As a result Griboedov wrote a comedy within 2 years, with about 600 amendments from the the initial text.

Alexander Pushkin and superstitions

Alexander Pushkin – one of the most famous Russian poets. He communicated very closely with “Decembrists” – revolutionaries who tried to break the imperial power in Russia. It’s known that the leaders of revolutionary movement were killed in December, 1825 on the Senatorial square in St.-Petersburg. Pushkin was at this time in “home prison” near to Petersburg and decided to move to Petersburg on session of revolutionary club. On a way to St-Petersburg the hare ran across (it’s a bad sign), then they met the priest on a road (a bad sign too), then the servant which went with Pushkin, suddenly falls ill with a fever. As a result, Pushkin returned back, and at night he saw a dream – five dropped out teeth. Next day 5 leaders of revolutionary club were arrested and executed. When Pushkin has learnt about it, he drawn in the diary 5 gallows and wrote “and I could hang as the clown too”.

Leo Tolstoy and the bear

Leo Tolstoy was very strong person. He was more than 2 meters high and possessed the big physical strength. There was a story, that once when he was hunting, the bear attacked him. In fight one-on-one Tolstoy has killed a bear by knife. Imagine, killed a bear by knife!

One more story about Tolstoy. When he was at Sevastopol at army, Tolstoy played cards a lot. One game lasted 2 days and 3 nights. A result was very sad – Tolstoy has lost all his family house and land. After that he wrote: “Seems to me, it’s nothing to write – I’m so disgusting to myself, that would wish to forget about my existence “. Lately, he created one scene at the famous novel “War and peace” very close to this story.

There are a lot of stories about Russian writers, I will add more at the next articles.

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