6 Ways to Use a Verb “СИДЕТЬ” – to sit

perelink47In this article, we will show a couple of different options for how to use the verb «сидеть» (sidEt’) “sit” in the Russian language.

Usually сидеть is to sit, on a sofa or a chair for example. If you sit with your legs crossed, it is called «сидеть по-турецки»  (literally, “to sit like a Turk”), or to «сидеть в позе лотоса» (to sit in the yoga lotus position).

Also, сидеть could mean – to do something for a long time. Usually because you are stuck at this place. For example, «весь день сижу дома» (I’m sitting at home all day), «ладно, посижу в машине»  (ok, I’ll wait in a car).

One more “slang” meaning is to be imprisoned. «Он сидел в тюрьме 3 года» He spent three years in jail.

Another slang meaning – is to be a burden for someone. Он продолжает сидеть на твоей шее! He continues to live off you! (literally “sit on your neck.”)

Also it can be a meaning of productive work: Он долго сидел за диссертацией и дописал ее! He has worked under his dissertation for a long time and finished it!

Prefix ЗА- changes meaning. Засидеться means to stay for a long time, forgetting about necessity to leave. Засиделись мы, пора уже идти! Oh, we’re overstaying our welcome, it’s time to go home.

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