5 Powerful Tips How To Learn Russian Faster

Proven Method To Learn Russian Language

The first question that comes to mind of everyone who only starts to learn Russian – how to learn Russian faster and easier. In this article I will describe 5 Powerful Tips How To Learn Russian Faster which any beginner can use as a basis before starting to learn Russian.

TIP #1. Create own learning system

Everyone studies differently. Someone learns by ears – while listening. Someone likes to read and studies through reading. Someone definitely needs a teacher who will correct and explain mistakes. Think how you study. Then with this understanding try to create your individual learning system – a plan of action, following which you will do consistent actions during certain time. For example, you can plan to read to 1 simple text every day within 1 month. Or to listen to 1 audio in a week until you understand it completely. The learning system will allow you to study the way that is more convenient to you and allow using effectively your abilities and time.

TIP #2. Develop habits

To reach the maximum result in studying Russian, it is necessary to develop habits to do certain actions periodically. I know, it’s quite difficult, but you need to force yourself to follow the system only the first 2-3 weeks. After that you will start to do it automatically. For example, habit to read every evening 1 Russian text. Or to learn 3 new words every day. Or to listen 1 podcast per week.

TIP #3. Use an interesting material

To make your learning process effective, it is necessary to use a material that is interesting to you. Think about what it is interesting to you to read or listen? What topics touch you and burn your imagination? About what you wish to learn, what excite you? Perhaps it is history of ancient Russia? Maybe Alexander Pushkin’s life? Or you want to know badly how to communicate with Russian girls or guys? The material that interests you will definitely boost the speed of understanding of Russian language. In following articles I will write, where to find a material which is interesting to you.

TIP #4. The more and easier – the better

It’s necessary to use as much as possible simple material within the first months of learning Russian language. If you begin at once with difficult grammatical structures, hard texts with set of unfamiliar words and audio with fast speech – you will understand a little and remember badly. Efficiency of such approach will be very low. Therefore, at first you need to use very simple materials – the alphabet, books for kids, audio for beginners and so on. Thus, you will constantly feel progress and it will motivate you to study further. I recommend to begin with iLearnRussian™ App for iOS and Android on your device:

TIP #5. Take Action

And last, the most important Tip – just Take Action. The majority of people do not reach results because they do not begin or stop to do something. The most important rule in learning Russian – to do regular actions every day. It not necessarily should be the big actions demanding much time. It is possible to read 1 paragraph in day or to learn 1 new word. It will already result in a huge effect in a week, month, year. Allocate 15 minutes or a half an hour for learning Russian and you will feel progress very soon.

So take action right now! Understand and write how you study, create your learning system today, write a plan of small actions for every day for a week, try  iLearnRussian™ App for iOS and Android on your device:

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