5 Most Popular Russian Proverbs and Sayings

Understand Russia through “people’s wisdom”

Russian language is very rich in proverbs and sayings. In Russia, we call proverbs – “people’s wisdom”. Typically, proverbs sound like an “old” Russian language, but everybody understands it because proverbs are universally known. You can learn Russian language by memorizing Russian proverbs. It will be useful also because “people’s wisdom” is a treasure trove of the most precise and correct ideas about life.

In this article we will give some proverbs that knows virtually every Russian. Next will be saying – translation – interpretation.

  1. Перед смертью не надышишься – pEred smErt’u ne nadYsheshsya – Before the death it’s so pleasurable to breath.

We say so when something (usually pleasurable) comes to an end, and we really do not want to it ended up.

  1. Один в поле – не воин – odIn v pOle ne vOin – Alone on the battlefield – not a fighter.

We say so, when there is a situation in which a person has to do something by himself, but he cannot cope alone.

  1. Остатки сладки – ostAtki slAdki – What remain is sweet.

We say so, when there is something at the end of the case / situation that allows us to enjoy the last moments of it.

  1. На безрыбье и рак рыба – na bezrYb’e i rak rYba Without fish and a crayfish can be a fish.

We say so when there are not so many scenarios of situation, we have to be satisfied with what we have now.

  1. Лоб что лопата, а ума небогато – Lob chto lopAta a umA nebogAto – The forehead is like a shovel, but the mind is rather poor.

It’s about large people, but not the most intelligent 🙂

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