12 Most Popular Russian Expressions

Use All  Features of Russian language!

There are many common expressions in Russian language. It is important to know these terms, because we often use them in everyday speech.

In this article, we will show you a list of the most popular fixed expressions of Russian language. You can learn and use them in conversations with your friends.


1.Вернемся к нашим баранам – Vernemsya k nashim baranam – Let’s return to our muttons

Meaning: A call to the speaker not to be distracted from the main theme; a statement of the fact that his distraction from the topic of conversation is over

Однако, давайте вернемся к нашим баранам = However, let’s go back to our muttons.

2. Гол как сокол – Gol kak sokol – Dog-poor

Meaning: Very poor, poor

Кто мне доброе слово молвит? Ведь я кругом сирота. Гол как сокол. Who will tell me a kind word? After all, I’m full-fledged orphan. Dog-poor.

3. Голая правда – Golaya Pravda – Naked truth

Meaning:  Truth as it is, without beating about the bush.

Вот таково положение дел, голая правда без прикрас. = That is the state of affairs as it is, the naked truth without embellishment.

4.Дело в шляпе – Delo v shlyape – In the bag

Meaning:  All right, all successfully finished.

Ну все, теперь можно спать спокойно: дело в шляпе. = All right, now you can sleep peacefully: the trick is done.

5.Волосы дыбом – Volosy dybom – Hair-raising

Meaning:  very very scared.

Его охватил ужас: глаза выкатились, волосы дыбом. = He was terrified: eyes popping out, hair-raising.

6.Лезть на рожон

Lezt’ na rozhon – (climb on the rampage!) Look for trouble

Meaning: Take anything risky, asking for trouble, do something dangerous

Обещал быть осторожным, а сам нарочно лезешь на рожон! You promised to be careful, but now deliberately climb on the rampage!

7.Медвежья услуга – Medvezh’ya usluga – Disservice

Meaning: Unsolicited assistance service that does more harm than good.

Беспрестанные похвалы из ваших уст – настоящая медвежья услуга. – Constant praise from your mouth – a real disservice.

8.Подложить свинью – Podlozhit’ svin’yu  – To lay the pig

Meaning:  Secretly make something nasty, do mischief.

У него был мерзкий характер: подложил свинью и доволен! = He has a vile character: he placed a pig and satisfied!

9.Тертый калач – Tertyy kalach – old file

Meaning: a highly experienced person.

Как тертый калач, могу дать вам дельный совет. = As an old file, I can give you good advice.

10.Точить лясы  – Tochit’ lyasy – to speak too much

Meaning: Jabberwocky, engage in useless chatter, gossip.

Что сидишь без дела да лясы точишь? = Why are you sitting idle and chatting?

11.Ударить в грязь лицом – Udarit’ v gryaz’ litsom  – To lose face

Meaning: Blundered, disgrace.

Ты уж не подведи, не ударь в грязь лицом перед гостями. = You better not let me down, do not lose face in front of guests.

12. Филькина грамота – Fil’kina gramota – useless scrap of paper

Meaning: The ignorant, illiterate compiled document.

Что это за филькина грамота? =What is this useless scrap of paper?

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