10 Most Popular Russian Names

10 Most Popular Russian Names

Top Russian male and female names

There are a lot of beautiful male and female names in Russia. Most common Russian names have Slavic origin, there are also traditional ancient names and the names of Jewish descent. In this article you will learn about 10 most popular male and female Russian names.

Russian male names.

1. Alexander. For many years this name retains leadership among Russian men’s names. Alexander Nevsky, Alexander Pushkin, Aleksandr Blok – all these great people inspire to name Russian boys Alexander. This name means “man”, “human”; “Defender of the people.”

2. Ivan. One of the most popular Russian male names. Four Russian Tsars had this name, including the most famous of Ivan IV the Terrible. Famous Russian with this name – Ivan Turgenev, the great Russian writer, author of the novel “Fathers and Sons.”

3. Artem. Comes from the Greek name Artemy, from the name of the goddess Artemis. Previously, the name was not very popular, but in the last decade came in the top 3 list.

4. Maxim. The Latin name meaning “the greatest.” Traditionally one of the most common Russian names.

5. Dmitry. The common Russian name of Greek origin, meaning “dedicated to the goddess Demeter.” Famous Russian with the same name: Dmitry Donskoy (Russian Czar), Dmitry Shostakovich (the great Russian composer), Dmitri Mendeleev (discovered the periodic law of chemical elements), Dmitry Medvedev (Russia Prezedent in tandem with Vladimir Putin).

6. Daniil. Name Daniil has biblical origin, derived from Daniel. This name has the prophet Daniel. Name Daniel literally translated as “God is my judge”.

7. Michail. The name Michail is translated from Jewish language means “equal, like God”, there is also a translation – “requested of God.” The name Michael is widespread in Europe: Michael, Michelle, Miguel – all are analogs of the name Michael. Among the great Russian are a lot of people with this name: Mikhail Bulgakov (the great Russian writer, author of “The Master and Margarita”), Mikhail Vrubel (the famous Russian artist), Mikhail Glinka (the great Russian composer), Mikhail Lermontov (the great Russian writer), Mikhail Gorbachev (first and last president of the USSR).

8. Cyril. Name Cyril translated from Greek means “lord”, “ruler”. Persian name Cyril means “sun”. Orthodox Saints Cyril – one of the founders of the Russian alphabet – the azbuka or “Cyrillic”.

9. Nikita. Name Nikita in Greek language means “winner”. Nikita Kozhemyaka- folktale hero of Kievan Rus recorded in several versions in different regions of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

10. Andrey. Name Andrey translated from Greek (Andreas) means “brave”, “courageous”. There is also a translation of “male”, “man”. Famous Russian people: Andrey Rublev (master of the Moscow school of icon painting), Andrey Voznesensky (Soviet and Russian poet, one of the famous poets of the sixties), Andrey Sakharov (physicist, academician and politician, dissident and human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate) .

Russian female names

1. Anastasia. Name Anastasia – the feminine form of the male name “Anastas” and in Greek language means “return to life”, “resurrection”, “resurrected”, “Revival”, “immortal.” Russian folk form – NastAsya. It is one of the most well-known Russian name, which is usually difficult for foreigners to pronounce. Usually Anastasia – tender, loving and caring woman – a true Russian traits.

2. Marya. Name Marya has Hebrew origins, means “bitter”, “welcome”, “serene”. Marya is the most common name in the world, because it was the name of the mother of Jesus. In Russia, Marya is “Mashen’ka” – and she is unchanging character of Russian fairy tales.

3. Elena. Name Elena has Greek origin. This name most likely means “chosen”, “bright”. Elena the Wise – another character of Russian fairy tales, represents the value of women’s wisdom and intelligence.

4. Natalia. Name Natalia is very ancient, it was formed in the early centuries of Christianity from the Latin «Natalis Domini», meaning “birth”, “Christmas.” Modern translation name – “Born on Christmas Day, Christmas.”

5. Olga. This Old Slavic name, and it happened on the Volga name, Volkhov (male names). And in this case the name of Olga – is the feminine form of the male name. Old Russian word “Volga” means: “sunny”, “significant”, “good”, “great”, “big”. One of the greatest Olga in Russian history: Grand Duchess Olga, Princess Olga ((ok.890 – 969) – Duchess, ruled Kievan Rus after the death of her husband, Prince Igor Rjurikovich.

6. Tatiana. Name Tatiana translated from Greek means “The host”, “the founder”, derived from the Greek “Tutt”, meaning “put, establish, maintain.” In Russia we say “Tanya”. St. Tatiana is considered the patroness of students. Tatyana’s Day – January 25 – the Day of Students is celebrated in Russia.

7. Svetlana. Svetlana name used by the Slavs in Russia, and is formed by adding the two concepts of “svet”=”light” and “lan”. “Svet” means literally – “light”, “LAN” in ancient meaning “land”. It Ukrainian word “lan” means in a broader sense – a fertile land. We say in Russia “SvEta”.

8. Irina. Irina name translated from Greek means “peace” There has been a name from the Greek goddess Eirene, the goddess of peace. We say in Russia – “Ira”.

9. EkaterIna. Name Ekaterina came into the Russian language from the Greek, meaning “pure, chaste”. Empress Ekaterina II the Great (1762-1796) has as made an impressive contribution to the development and strengthening of the Russian Empire, she ruled when it was a “golden age” of Russian culture.

10. Julia. Name Julia (old. Iuliya) has two versions of the origin. According to the first of them, the name came into Russian from Greek and means “curly”, “wavy”, “furry”. on the second version, the name of the Latin language and in translation means “July” or “kind of Julio.” In the Scandinavian countries are often referred to as girls named Julia, who was born in December (in consonance with the word «jul» – «Christmas”). In Russia, the short name is Julius “Julie”, “Julia”.

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