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The Most Funny Monuments and Attractions of Russia

Although Russia is not considered to be the best tourist country in the world,  over 25 million tourists come to Russia each year . Yesterday I met my sister, who came to Moscow from Siberia by train. There were three foreigners with her (two from Germany and one girl from Sweden). During this three days a lot of people changed in the train, but almost everyone considered as duty to talk with these guys and drink vodka together! This is not because we are alcoholics, but we love guests very much, especially foreigners!

There are a lot of  attractions in Russia. If you ask me “what to see in Russia?”, I’ll talk all day long! You can travel to Russia, and everywhere and in every city you’ll find something interesting. In this article I will talk about several interesting Russian monuments from different Russian cities.

Chizhil-Pizhik, Sain-Petersburg (Чижик-Пыжик, Санкт Петербург)

Chizhil-Pizhik – is a fictional character of one cheerful “drunk” national song. Chizhik (siskin) – a small bird with yellow feathers. At the place on the Fontanka River (where the monument is, in the heart of St. Petersburg) in the 19th century there was an Imperial College, whose students wore uniforms similar to the feathers of Siskin. After the lessons, they loved to go to the nearest restaurants and drink vodka. From this came the song: Чижик-Пыжик, где ты был? На Фонтанке водку пил. (Chizhik-Pyzhik, where have you been? Drank vodka on the Fontanka) The translation of this song I quote at the end of the article and also you can listen to the song itself and download a podcast.

A part of Boston in Moscow

Near the Novodevichy Convent can there is a monument, “Let the  Ducklings go“. The idea of the monument – Mama duck and her eight ducklings – was taken from  Robert McCloskey tale. This monument was presented to Raisa Gorbacheva by Barbara Bush in 1991, it is a copy of the sculpture from Central Park in Boston.

The monument to the most famous humorist of Russia – Yury Nikulin (Moscow)

Yuri Nikulin – probably the most famous clown and comedian in Russia. His monument is set at the center of Moscow, near the Circus of Yuri Nikulin. You can sit in this old machine and pretend like you are driving across Moscow.

Permyak salty ears

If you do not like your ears, you can rent a salted, at the center of an old Russian city –  Perm! Perm is the capital of the salt production in Russia, so there is a saying about  inhabitants of Perm –  “Пермяк, соленые уши” (“Permyak, salty ears”).

Omsk plumber

There is a monument to plumbing in Omsk (one of the largest cities in Siberia)! I was born in Omsk, and I know that the Siberian frosts are often disabling plumbing system. Therefore, plumbing profession is very heavy and difficult in Siberia.

Keyboard in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg (the capital of the Ural region, the third largest city in Russia) first responded to the challenge of global computerization, immortalized in stone a keyboard. In Russia there is an old woman’s name Клава (“Claudia”), but people call the keyboard the same – Клава.

Rostov’s beauty

In Rostov-on-Don (a very beautiful city in the south of Russia) live very beautiful girls. In the center of this city stands a monument to one of these beautiful women of Rostov, carrying a bucket of water. Russian women are very patient and kind.

Lost wallet in Krasnodar

In another southern city of Russia – Krasnodar – there is a very interesting monument: a lost wallet. Many residents of Krasnodar are very enterprising people, I like them very much. A fat wallet tells about the riches of the earth of southern Russia.

Tomsk’s happiness

And Tomsk has it’s own happiness. This well-fed wolf means  happiness in life. This is the wolf from the cartoon«Жил был пес» (“There once was a dog”). This wolf crawled under a table at the wedding, ate too much and said, «Щас спою» (“Right now I’ll sing.”) And he began to howl :D Russian love to sing at the table.

Asphalt machine Murmansk

It is very unusual monument – asphalt  machine on a highway Petrozavodsk and Murmansk in northern Russia. In the north, the roads are constantly getting worse and need to be repaired. Therefore, it’s understandable to see a monument to asphalt machine here.

Voronezh horse – brutal

This horse statue in Voronezh can be called a masterpiece (city residents asked to remove the monument many times). The name of this handsome stallion is Ярыж (Yaryzh). It weighs 3 tons and up to five meters in height.

 The first feature of the horse – is its back, where there has to be the tail. What the the author wanted to tell, nobody knows.

The second interesting feature – is that he chews a rail.

The third feature – it is an indication that the horse – a real man.

As I promised, I post the text of the song Чижик-Пыжик and its translation into English:

Чижик-пыжик, где ты был?
На Фонтанке водку пил.
Выпил рюмку, выпил две —
Зашумело в голове.

Chizhik-Pyzhik, where have you been?
Drank vodka on the Fontanka.
Took a shot, took another –
Got a headache.

Chizhik-Pyzhik, gdje ty byl?
Na fontankje vodku pil.
Vypil rjumku, vypil dvje –
Zashumjelo v golovje.

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