Useful Phrases of Russian Language

What are the Most Common Phrases of Russian Language?

Perhaps you start to learn Russian Language, and one of the first thing you want to do is to learn the most common phrases that all people use for many times per day. You can easily live in Russia with this few phrases for several days or log onto the worlds best online translation companies and they will translate for you.

So, what are these useful phrases?

1. Greetings

What do we say when we meet a new person or our friend?

Привет  PrivEt Hello
Как дела? Kak dela How’s it going?
Приятно познакомиться Prijatno poznakomit’sja Nice to meet you!

These are the basics of any language.

2. Showing your respect

What are the phrases we usually say to show our respect and gratitude?

Спасибо Spasibo Thank you!
Пожалуйста Pozhalujsta You’re welcome!

3. Showing your interest

We always need to show our interest and joy. A couple of phrases for this.

Очень рад! Ochen’ rad!  I’m glad!
Что тебе интересно?  Chto tebe interesno?  What are you interested in?

4. Expressing Love

This three words you MUST know before coming to Russia

Я тебя люблю Ja tebja ljublju I love you!

5. Shopping key

And of course this one is the key for shopping:

Сколько это стоит? Skol’ko jeto stoit?  How much does it cost?

6. Goodbye

Leaving Russian friends we don’t usually say Goodbye, we say – ”pokA” – see you :)

До свиданья Do svidan’ja Goodbye!
Пока Poka See you!

You can download all this phrases at PDF sheet for your convenience HERE.

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