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How To Be a Russian Writer (with Leo Tolstoy)

My dear friend and a member of Russian Language Learning Club – Sayuri Goya – asked me to make a part of her presentation about French and Russian writers (Balzac, Flaubert, Tolstói, Dostoiévski and Tchekhov). Since I’m writing a lot in Russian, she asked me to tell about Russian writers, how to be a writer […]

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russian alphabets pronunciation

Russian Alphabet Pronunciation

http://www.learnrussianlanguage.ru/wp-admin/podcast/RLLC_Pod_Ep2_Russian_Alphabet.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSDownload the Audio With The Right Pronunciation of Cyrillic Letters! Recently I’ve made a research between our Twitter followers to the question: “What is the most difficult for beginner in Russian?”. A lot of answers were – Russian alphabet pronunciation, learning Russian alphabet, understanding […]

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Russian Song With English Subtitles – DDT “It Is All”

How Can Russian Song Help To Learn Russian? I’m playing the guitar and once recorded a Russian song by band DDT, called “Это все” (It is all). I like this song and used to sing it quite often with friends. I like Russian music and DDT is one of my favorite Russian bands. A few […]

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Will I learn Russian Language By Ears Or By Eyes?

Will I Learn Russian By Ears or By Eyes?

Find Your Strengths and Become A Master Of Russian! In the beginning of this year I have decided to myself that by all means I should learn my strengths, study myself and understand how can I give more to the world from what I have. After several months of searching I understood, that one of […]

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Why You Don’t Need To Learn Russian Grammar?

And What Is The Most Effective Method To Learn Russian Language? Within last three months I actively communicated with people from the different countries – active Russian learners. I was interested what methods do they use, what helps them more, what is the most difficult, what can motivate and demotivate them. What has appeared the […]

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Choose One Of the 6 Possible Systems To Learn Russian!

Pros and Cons of Different Russian Language Learning Methods When you only start to study Russian language, you probably can not know what to start with and what learning system to choose for yourself. In this article I describe some possible systems which I tried for studying English language with my estimation and comments. 1. […]

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A Little-Known Secrets About Great Russian Writers

Interesting Stories From Russian Geniuses Lifes The Russian literature is known worldwide, people from all over the World read Russian writers with pleasure. Statistics shows, the most recognized Russian writers are Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Lermontov, Gogol. The beauty of Russian Language reveals at all its power in classical Russian literature. This people were, without any […]

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Download 300 Most Common Words of Russian Language!

What Else Do You Need To Start Learning Russian Effectively? When I started to learn English language, I always searched for ways to do it more effectively. One of the first my discoveries was that while speaking at in any language, people use only 300-500 most widespread words. So if you know these words, you […]

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Why “Skype Tutors” Method In Russian Language Doesn’t Work?!

5 Ways To Find A Russian Language Partner In Net When you start to learn any language, you probably will want to talk to the native speaker or someone who learns this language too. It’s quite difficult to find the professional tutor in a place where you live, especially if the language you learn is […]

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A Quick Way To Understand Russian Alphabet

A Little-Known Secret For Learning Russian Azbuka Russian Alphabet (or Азбука – Azbuka) was created at 863 by two Greek brothers Cyril and Methodius. Therefore there are some similarities at Greek and Russian alphabet. Originally it contained 43 letters, some of that were using for describing numbers. After several reforms Russian alphabet has changed and now […]

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